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7 Tips for Healthy Skin

By EDGE | Nov 5
Women have 72 'bad skin days' every year, a study found. Skin problems such as dryness and spots result in an average of six 'off-days' a month -- but the impact is more significant than not quite looking your best.

Study Says: Women Spend 18 Months of Their Lives Worrying About Their Skin

Sep 28
From wrinkles to spots and acne, the average woman worries about the appearance of their skin for 32 minutes every single day.

Are You Ready to Drink Your Moisturizer?

By Kelli Kennedy | May 2
The makeup industry is trying to convince people that looking good on the outside starts from within - but it's unclear whether the products they're trying to hawk are safe and effective.

4 Tips for Healthy End-of-Summer Skin

By EDGE | Aug 12
As we head deeper into August, we all feel summer gently coming to a close. Once the heat starts to wear off and most of the wild summer events have come and gone, it's a perfect time to take a moment and check in with your skin.

Summertime Health Tips for Women

By EDGE | Jun 26
Glorious summertime comes with its own set of problems, from razor burn to blisters. Here’s how to survive the common pitfalls of the season.

Skincare 911

By EDGE | Apr 18
Emergency! Is that unsightly blemish ruining your day? Not to fear. EDGE enlisted the expert advice of Dr. Rebecca Baxt for tips and tricks to survive any situation.

Spring’s Natural Beauty

By Heather Cassell | Mar 6
After a harsh winter your skin probably needs a refresher to get sun kissable beach and pool ready. Forget the expensive creams concocted in labs, skincare is getting back to earth with natural products that help slow the aging process.

Brazil’s Beauty Boom

By Juliana Barbassa | Feb 22
Looking good has always been serious business in Brazil. Now it’s big business, too. A flush new middle class is dropping major cash on designer shampoos, lotions and cosmetics, rapidly turning this country into a beauty industry powerhouse.

Skincare 101 and 5 Myths Exposed

By EDGE | Feb 18
Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt sets the record straight (and that’s about all she’s setting straight) for those of you who think you are doomed to having bad skin. She also identifies actions that may actually be sabotaging your complexion.

1 thru 9 of 9 Stories