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HBO Doc 'Suited' Shows Trans/genderqueer Dressing For Success

TELEVISION | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jul 31
HBO's fascinating, sometimes touching new documentary "Suited" dispels numerous myths about transgender people - the film might even open a few doors for this newly emerging community.

Thailand's Leading Modeling Agency Announces Transgender Board

Apple Model Management Agency, Thailand's leading modeling agency, has announced the worldwide launch of its new Transgender board.

Betsey Johnson Celebrates Brides, Marriage Freedom

NATIONAL | By Leanne Italie | Sep 11
Drag queens and a transgender bride romped down Betsey Johnson's runway Wednesday with same-sex couples, a few "Real Housewives" and the 72-year-old designer's TV dance partner in a fashion show that screamed JUST MARRIED!

Pride Fashion: What to Wear

FASHION | By Mac Smith | Jun 17
As Pride celebrations get underway around the globe, let us fill the streets with rainbow flags, music, dancing and a united LGBT community celebrating unity, equality and love... and of course, looking our best doing it!

Gifts of Love: Well-Suited

FASHION | By Mac Smith | Feb 6
Forget the teddy bears and mystery-filled chocolates of Valentine’s Days past. Put some spark in your romance with thoughtful presents that allow you and your loved one to celebrate your unique relationship - and do it in style with a custom-made suit.

One "ANTM" Star’s Journey From the Shelter to the Runway

FASHION | By Winnie McCroy | Jan 29
Transgender designer and model Isis King was living in New York City’s Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth when she was first accepted into the popular reality TV show "America’s Next Top Model."

BET Busted for Banning B. Scott on Basis of Gender Identity

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jan 10
BET is putting the brakes on gender non-conforming host B. Scott for "looking like a woman" on air.

Transgender Texas Student’s Tuxedo Photo Banned

NATIONAL | By Juan A. Lozano | Nov 15
A South Texas transgender student says his school district is preventing a photo of him in a tuxedo from appearing in his high school’s yearbook.

Tomboy Tailors Creates the Perfect Fit

Tomboy Tailors in San Francisco offers stylish, masculine attire for women, trans-masculine individuals, or anyone seeking a bespoke, custom-fit style.

Butch Designs Hit the Runway

FASHION | By Heather Cassell | Feb 28
ButchLYFE: All Stud Fashion Show hit the runway as the visibility of butch women, trans men and other self-identifying "masculine of center" participants reclaimed fashion as their own.

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