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Tulsa Amputee Gets Protection From Penis-Biting Ex

CRIME | By EDGE | Feb 28
An Oklahoma amputee whose girlfriend awoke him by allegedly trying to bite his penis off is now getting 300-feet of protection from the weiner-chomping woman, thanks to a court order secured this week.

Fla. Teen With Football-Size Penis Gets 'World's 1st' Reduction Surgery

A Florida teen with a 7-inch flaccid penis that had a whopping 10-inch circumference underwent the "world's first" penis reduction surgery.

Congress Aims to Save $44M By Cutting Medicare Penis Pumps

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 3
The Republicans in Congress have officially had enough of funding penis pumps for men who can't get erections. The devices are covered by Medicare to the tune of $44 million per year -- money better spent on the disabled.

Scientists Say Test-Tube Penises Ready in 5 Years

SCIENCE | By Winnie McCroy | Oct 12
Scientists project that within five years, they will be able to test test-tube penises on men "who have suffered a serious injury to the region, had surgery for cancer or are suffering from a congenital abnormality."

PopUps :: Take a Look at Jared Leto's Beer Can

CELEBRITIES | By Jason St. Amand | Sep 12
Images of Jared Leto grasping on to something large in his pants are going viral this week.

Circumcision Doesn't Promote Risky Behavior By African Men

SCIENCE | By Winnie McCroy | Aug 26
Men do not engage in riskier behaviors after they are circumcised, found a study in Kenya by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers.

Germany Wins Title of 'Penis Enlargement Capital of the World'

HEALTH | By Bobby McGuire | Jul 31
Recent data released by the Int'l Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that one out of every five penis enlargement surgeries in 2013 took place in Germany. You'll never guess where the U.S. ranks.

Man Mortgages His Home To Pay For Bigger Penis

HEALTH | By EDGE | Jul 20
An Australian man with a "micro penis" mortgaged his home to come up with the $18,000 to $50,000 it will cost for surgeries to make his member more memorable.

Man Orders Penis Enhancer Online, Receives Magnifying Glass

INTERNATIONAL | By Bobby McGuire | Jun 12
A penis enhancing scam and a lawyer named "Kok" - this story has everything.

Rapper Says His Penis is Reattached, Explains Suicide Attempt

CULTURE | By Jason St. Amand | May 12
Last month, the Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, made headlines for cutting his penis off before jumping off the second-floor balcony in his North Hollywood home but the artists is now explaining what led to the incident.

1 thru 10 of 21 Stories