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IOC Adds Non-Discrimination Clause to Olympics Charter

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 25
After the widespread criticism the International Olympic Committee faced over Russia's anti-gay laws during the recent Games, the IOC has added a non-discrimination clause to their charter, preventing future contracts with any cities that discriminate.

Paralympics Chief: No Need for Rights Assurances

By Rob Harris | Mar 11
Countries bidding to host the Olympics and Paralympics should not be compelled to provide assurances about human rights standards, according to the head of the International Paralympic Committee.

Putin Declares Sochi Winter Paralympics Open

Mar 7
With a solitary Ukrainian athlete taking part in the opening ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the Winter Paralympics in Sochi on Friday against the backdrop of his country’s military action in Crimea.

Billie Jean King: On Sochi Olympics, Gay Rights

By Melissa Murphy | Mar 3
Billie Jean King opens up about the Sochi Olympics gay rights and LGBT people in the sports world.

Billie Jean King: On Sochi Olympics, Gay Rights

By Melissa Murphy | Mar 1
Billie Jean King’s taxi ride home after the Sochi Olympics included a revelation. She learned Jason Collins joined the Brooklyn Nets, becoming the first openly gay male player among the four major U.S. professional sports.

Sochi Cleans Up as World Leaves Olympics Behind

By Ted Anthony | Feb 24
By the busload, the world’s athletes and visitors rolled toward Sochi’s airport and took off for home Monday, fresh from a Winter Games experience that many Russians pronounced a smashing success.

Farewell, Sochi! Russia Closes the Costliest Olympics

By John Leicester | Feb 23
Flushed with pride after a spectacular showing at the costliest Olympics ever, Russia celebrates 17 days of sport-driven global unity on Sunday night.

Cossack ’Held Accountable’ In Attack on Pussy Riot

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Feb 22
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said Saturday the Cossack who horsewhipped members of Pussy Riot has been "held accountable" for the attack.

Human Rights Pledge Urged for Future Olympic Hosts

By David Crary | Feb 22
Citing widespread dismay with Russia’s anti-gay laws, a coalition of more than 30 human rights and gay rights groups is calling on the Int’l Olympic Committee to ensure that future Olympic host countries do not have discriminatory laws on their bo

US Conservatives Praise Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

By David Crary | Feb 21
Two longtime opponents of the U.S. gay-rights movement on Friday announced formation of a coalition that will seek to persuade more countries around the world to follow Russia’s example in passing laws that restrict gay rights.

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