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Clinton Proposes Tax Break for Caregivers

FINANCE | By Catherine Lucey | Nov 23
Pledging to invest in the "caring economy," Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed a new tax break Sunday for people caring for aging parents and grandparents.

Trump Under Fire for 9/11 Story, Views on Muslims

He suggested over the weekend ways he would track not just Syrian refugees but many other Muslims in the U.S..

Donald Trump Takes More Shots at Fellow Republicans

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump unveiled his new book and held a press conference in New York City to promote it.

Trump Attacks Carson After Slipping in Iowa Polls

The CBS News battleground tracker finds the Republican race in Iowa is a dead heat.

Trump's Republican Critics Pushing for GOP-Backed Takedown

POLITICS | By Steve Peoples | Oct 21
Don't expect Democrats to take down Donald Trump. If the GOP's baffled establishment wants to dismiss their party's billionaire presidential front-runner, it appears they'll have to do it themselves.

Challenges Clinton Will Face in First Democratic Debate

Democratic presidential candidates face off Tuesday night for their first debate.

Is Trump® a Muzzle on Free Speech?

POLITICS | By Sue O'Connell | Sep 24
Mr. Trump is not the first candidate to have a name that is also a brand. But will Mr. Trump's legal team crackdown on Trump latex masks? Life-size cut-out stand-ups?

Bush Campaign Raffling Off Ticket to Colbert Debut

TELEVISION | By David Bauder | Aug 28
Jeb Bush isn't just going to be a guest on Stephen Colbert's late-night debut on CBS. He's turned it into a fundraising opportunity.

The Grand Ole' Party, the Sunshine State, and the 2016 Election

POLITICS | By Ian Maloney | May 23
Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush refuse to evolve on the issue of LGBT equality despite the overwhelming evidence that the rest of the country has had a profound shift toward that equality.

Seeking the Limelight, Biden Courts Key Dem Groups

Caught in Hillary Rodham Clinton's perpetual shadow, Joe Biden is working to boost his political profile among key Democratic voting blocs, a move that could help the vice president fashion himself as a more liberal alternative in 2016.

1 thru 10 of 24 Stories