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A Post-Election Healing Plan? College Class Comes Up Short

By Matt Sedensky | Dec 28
The night after the election, as Franklin and his students gathered, he was taken aback by the degree of fear and the feelings of grief he heard. Later in the course, he discovered his students had no ideas about how to heal a divided nation.

Donald Trump Addresses Supporters After Being Elected President

Nov 9
Donald Trump addressed supporters early Wednesday morning for the first time as president-elect after Hillary Clinton called him to concede the election.

Did Russian Hackers Try to Meddle in U.S. Election as Payback?

Nov 8
Elizabeth Palmer reports on how President Vladimir Putin is exploiting claims of Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

Forget the TV: How to Follow Election Day Online

By Barbara Ortutay | Nov 8
TVs are so last century. News outlets are using Facebook Live, Snapchat, YouTube and other tools to offer live coverage of Election Day in ways not possible four years ago.

Potential Impact of Hispanic Voter Turnout

Nov 7
John Dickerson, USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page and CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto join "CBS This Morning" to discuss early voting and what to watch for Election Day.

Clinton and Trump's Path to Victory

Nov 5
With four days until Election Day, John Dickerson, CBS News political director and "Face the Nation" moderator, and CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto join "CBS This Morning" to discuss what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton need to do to win.

Gay SF Political Consultant Makes Trump Donation

By Cynthia Laird | Nov 5
Gay San Francisco political consultant Jack Davis has spent much of his career helping elect Democrats. So it was surprising to see his name on a list of local donors to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Pot Vote

Nov 3
As five states vote on whether to legalize recreational pot, Dr. Jon LaPook visits Pueblo, Colorado, a town that knows firsthand the impact of the legal weed business.

BARchive :: All Yesterday's (Election) Parties

By Michael Flanagan | Nov 3
On election night in 208, as on many others, we were torn between joy for President Obama's election and anger over the rollback of our rights. And on that night, as on many others, the question was whether to protest, celebrate or both.

The States Clinton and Trump Need to Win Election

Nov 2
With six days until Election Day, CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the states Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to win the 2016 race.

1 thru 10 of 250 Stories