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Trump Wants Nationwide "Stop and Frisk" Policing

To reduce crime, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to initiate a "stop and frisk" policy for police officers.

AP-GfK Poll: 'Deplorables' Comment Sticks to Him, Not Her

POLITICS | By Lisa Lerer and Emily Swanson | Sep 23
A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds that Clinton's "deplorable" comment didn't have quite the impact that Trump and his supporters wanted. Instead, it's Trump who's viewed as most disconnected and disrespectful.

Did Trump Use Charity Donations for Private Spending?

Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, a filmmaker and actress, invited "Sunday Morning" anchor Charles Osgood to talk music, and to share a lunch with recipes from Trudie's cookbook.

The Historical Role of Third-Party Candidates

American voters may want a third option -- but is it realistic to hope for a presidential winner this November who is neither Republican nor Democrat?

Shifting Cuban Voters Could Be the Difference in Florida

LEGAL | By Bill Barrow | Sep 20
Many Cuban-Americans express solidarity with other Latin-Americans who see Donald Trump as anti-Hispanic. Still others hear in Trump's nationalistic populism echoes of the government strongmen they once fled.

Trump's Maternity Leave Policy Snubs LGBT Community

POLITICS | By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 17
Trump discussing maternity leave policies? It sounds good in theory, but the reality is it's an insult to women, men and children in the U.S.

Maureen Dowd on Trump's Political Evolution and Clinton's Worst week

Maureen Dowd's new book compiles columns focused on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Dowd talks about Clinton's "worst week."

Does Clinton's "Basket of Deplorables" Remark Help or Hurt Her Campaign?

Donald Trump's outrageous rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims have hardly dented his popularity, but will Clinton's tough talk against bigotry cost her votes?

Trump Voters Explain Their Unshakable Faith

Donald Trump's wild rhetoric baffles many, but to his solid core of supporters it doesn't seem to matter how extreme his remarks become. A few of them explain why.

Hacks, Email Leaks Could Sway Election Weeks Away

PERSONAL TECH | By Jack Gillum | Sep 7
Whether it's newly disclosed Democratic Party emails or someone tampering with voting machines, this year's presidential election could come with hacking intrigue like none before it.

1 thru 10 of 187 Stories