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Trump Lashes Out at Wrong Theresa May on Twitter

Dec 1
President Donald Trump is lashing out at British Prime Minister Theresa May in a dispute over his tweets. Problem is, he initially picked on the wrong Theresa May.

AP Exclusive: Russia Twitter Trolls Deflected Trump Bad News

By Ryan Nakashima and Barbara Ortutay | Nov 10
Disguised Russian agents on Twitter rushed to deflect scandalous news about Donald Trump just before last year's presidential election while straining to refocus criticism on the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton.

Twitter Toughens Abuse Rules - and Now Has to Enforce Them

By Barbara Ortutay | Oct 29
Twitter is enacting new policies around hate, abuse and advertisements, but having rules is only half the battle - the easy half.

Russia's RT Says Twitter Pushed It for Ads Before Election

Oct 28
Russian state-owned television station RT says Twitter had pushed it to spend millions on advertising ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Twitter to Disclose Info on Political Ads Amid Scrutiny

By Barbara Ortutay | Oct 26
Twitter says it will provide more information about political ads on its service, including who is funding them and how they are targeted.

Twitter CEO Vows to Police Sexual Harassment, Hate, Violence

Oct 18
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is promising the company will do a better job weeding out sexual harassment, hateful symbols and violent groups from its short messaging service.

Twitter Turns Over 'Handles' of 201 Russia-Linked Accounts

By Ryan Nakashima | Oct 17
Twitter has handed over to Senate investigators the profile names, or "handles," of 201 accounts linked to Russian attempts at influencing the 2016 presidential election.

Senator Slams Twitter Over Suspected Accounts Tied to Russia

By Mary Clare Jalonick and Chad Day | Sep 30
Social media giant Twitter told congressional investigators it has suspended at least two dozen accounts that may have been tied to Russia, but the top Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee was anything but satisfied.

AP Explains: Why Does A WWI General Merit A Trump Tweet?

Aug 20
President Donald Trump is being criticized once again for lauding the alleged tactics of Gen. John Pershing in dealing with Islamic extremists in the Philippines at the turn of the last century.

Spray Can Stunt Prompts Twitter to Act on Hateful Tweets

By Frank Jordans | Aug 13
An artist tired of seeing hateful tweets ignored by Twitter has managed to get the social network to remove or hide some of them - by spray-painting the offending posts in front of the company's German headquarters.

1 thru 10 of 101 Stories