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Scott Lively Warns Gay Marriage Will Cause Sodom's Fire, Noah's Flood

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 23
According to pastor Scott "don't call me 'anti-gay'" Lively, 2015 might be a good year to take out more home owner's insurance.

Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively Won't Be Called 'Anti-Gay'

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 17
What do you call someone who writes a book claiming that the Nazi party was founded in a gay bar then brags about influencing foreign governments to adopt laws criminalizing homosexuality?

Putin's Puppet? Scott Lively Weighs Congressional Run

By EDGE | Feb 9
Scott Lively, the anti-gay pastor who will be tried for crimes against humanity for his involvement in Uganda's "kill the gays" law, announced that he may be running for congress to represent Massachusetts in the interests of "Mother Russia."

Appeals Court Allows Lawsuit Against Anti-Gay Scott Lively to Proceed

By EDGE | Dec 10
A federal appeals court ruled that the lawsuit against anti-gay pastor Scott Lively for crimes against humanity will be allowed to proceed.

18,992 'Massholes' Supported Scott Lively's Failed Bid for Gov.

By Bobby McGuire | Nov 5
Scott Lively, the anti-gay vocal supporter of Uganda's "kill the gays" bill and Russia's "anti-gay propaganda" law, has placed a distant fourth in his bid to become the next governor of Massachusetts.

Lively Qualifies for Massachusetts Governor's Race

By EDGE | Aug 22
The moniker "Liberal Massachusetts" proved to be somewhat of a misnomer Wednesday, when it was reported that extremist anti-gay activist Pastor Scott Lively received over 10,000 valid signatures from state residents in support of his bid for governor.

Scott Lively Assumes the Mantle: ’America’s Biggest Homophobe’

By Jason Parsley | Apr 16
Fred Phelps is dead, but don’t worry: Someone just as vitriolic and virulently anti-gay is ready to assume the sobriquet of "Most Homophobic Man in America," and his reach extends to Uganda and Russia, where he helped usher in a new era of hate.

Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively Shows Up at Mass. Gubernatorial Forum

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 26
Scott Lively, the Springfield, Mass.-based pastor who allegedly had a part in creating anti-gay laws in Uganda and Russia, is running for Massachusetts governor as an independent and attended a Boston gubernatorial forum on LGBT rights Tuesday night.

US Conservatives Praise Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

By David Crary | Feb 21
Two longtime opponents of the U.S. gay-rights movement on Friday announced formation of a coalition that will seek to persuade more countries around the world to follow Russia’s example in passing laws that restrict gay rights.

Anti-Gay Minister Makes Bid for Mass. Governor

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 16
Scott Lively, the ultra-conservative minister known for his crusade against the LGBT community, is currently being sued by a Ugandan civil rights group for crimes against humanity but that isn’t stopping him from running for Massachusetts governor.

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