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Perkins: Gay Rights Will Destroy US Economy

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Dec 17, 2014
Hate group leader Tony Perkins claims that expansion of rights for LGBT Americans will destroy the economy.

The New Improved KKK: Now with Blacks, Jews and Gays?

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Nov 5, 2014
A Montana KKK organizer is seeking to expand the notorious hate group's membership. You'll never guess who's invited.

Pat Robertson Condemns the 'Demonic Revelry' of Trick-or-Treat

By Bobby McGuire | Tuesday Oct 14, 2014
Citing examples of ancient druids and murdered sheep, Pat Robertson is warning parents not to allow their kids to take part in trick-or-treating this Halloween.

The Ex-Gays are Coming!: Failed Event Returns to DC

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Oct 3, 2014
Ex-Gays and those who lie to them are set to take Washington, D.C., by storm for two days of dysfunction, denial and a dinner they'll have to provide for themselves.

'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Calls AIDS God's Punishment

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Sep 12, 2014
In an attempt to motivate people to read his book "UnPhiltered," "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson is at it again with his latest anti-gay comments.

EDGE 10.0: A Decade in Westboro Baptist Church Coverage

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
In the 10 years since EDGE's founding, as the leading LGBT news source, we have covered every story without fear or favor. That includes the good, the bad, and the downright weird. That, of course, would be the Westboro "Baptist" Church in Topeka, Kan.

Christian Group Begins All-You-Can-Eat 'Fast' to Protest Gay Marriage

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
An anti-gay Christian group begins a 40-day fast to protest gay marriage where participants are allowed to eat.

Robertson: 13-Year-Old is Gay Because of Single Mom, Suggests More Men in His Life

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
"Blame the mom and bring on the men" was televangelist Pat Robertson's answer to a mother concerned about her 13-year-old stepson who confessed to having crushes on other boys.

Internet Preacher: Send Gays to Prison with Hard Labor

By Bobby McGuire | Tuesday Aug 26, 2014
An internet preacher with an Internet audience of about 10 subscribers is calling on his followers to pressure members of congress to enact a constitutional amendment that will make homosexuality a crime punishable by ten years prison with hard labor.

Tony Perkins :: Christian Businesses Need to Fund 'Ex-Gay' Ministries

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Aug 13, 2014
Anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins thinks if Christian businesses are forced to serve gay clients, they should spend that money making "ex-gays."

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