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Neo-Nazi Publisher Won't Reveal Whereabouts, Citing Threats

By Michael Kunzelman | Jan 20
Andrew Anglin operates a neo-Nazi website notorious for publishing personal information about the targets of its internet trolling campaigns. But The Daily Stormer's publisher refused this week to publicly reveal where he is living.

Trump Admin Cut Funding to Groups Working to De-Radicalize Neo-Nazis in June

By Colton Wooten | Aug 19
The Trump administration diverted fund away from organizations focused on countering white supremacists and other far-right hate groups.

'Thank God Nazis Shot Gays' Tweets Latvian MP -- Before Resigning

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 2
A Latvian lawmaker was forced to resign her position after her scandalous comments about gays posted on Twitter.

Anti-Gay Neo-Nazi Russian Leader Sentenced to 5 Years

By Jason St. Amand | Aug 18
The head of the Russian-based anti-gay/neo-Nazi vigilante group "Occupy Pedophilia," which reportedly abused LGBT youth after luring them via social media, was sentenced Friday to five years in a Russian penal colony.

Suspended NYC Cabbie Likens Wearing Swastika To Carrying Rainbow Flag

May 19
The NYC cabbie who wore a swastika has been suspended. He defended his actions by likening it to homosexuals carrying rainbow flags.

Leader of Anti-Gay Neo-Nazi Group Arrested in Russia

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 29
The head of a Russian neo-Nazi group that claimed responsibility for the kidnap and torture of gay Russians was arrested in Russia Monday after fleeing to Cuba last month.

Leader of Russian Anti-Gay Neo-Nazi Group Arrested in Cuba

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 20
The head of a Russian neo-Nazi group that’s accused of torturing LGBT youth, fled to Cuba last month but was arrested in the Caribbean country on Sunday.

Head of Russian Neo-Nazi, Anti-Gay Group Flees to Cuba

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 10
The leader of a neo-Nazi and anti-gay Russian group, which tortures and humiliates a number of LGBT youth, has fled to Cuba after spending months running away from authorities.

Russian Neo-Nazi Group Allegedly Attacks Ukraine Gay ’X Factor’ Contestant

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 3
A Russian neo-Nazi group is making waves Tuesday after reportedly attacking a gay contestant from Ukraine’s version of the talent reality show "The X Factor."

Gay African Student Tortured By Russian Neo-Nazi Group Returns Home

By EDGE | Nov 14
Officials from Swaziland have confirmed that the gay African exchange student at the center of a shocking video featuring his kidnap and racist torture at the hands of Russian neo-Nazis has been returned to his native country.

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