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Voter ID Laws Could Prevent 34,000 Trans People from Voting

By Rhuaridh Marr | Oct 2
A new study has found that over 34,000 transgender people may be prevented from voting in the upcoming election due to strict voter ID laws.

North Carolina Republican: Anti-LGBT Law May Warrant Repeal

Sep 14
A Republican state senator says the North Carolina legislature should consider repealing the law she and other GOP colleagues approved in March limiting anti-discrimination rules for LGBT people and which bathrooms transgender people can use.

Texas State Officials Interfering in HB 2 Lawsuit

By John Riley | Sep 11
No longer content to concern themselves with their own legal proceedings, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, joined by 10 other state attorneys general and two governors, has asked a U.S. District Judge to put the Justice Department's lawsuit on hold.

Trans Community Faces Pushback, Enjoys Support

By Jeff Taylor | Aug 21
The transgender community is having its moment in the spotlight, after Gov. Pat McCrory signed the discriminatory HB2 into law, kicking off a legal battle with the U.S. Department of Justice. Transgender rights are now a national conversation.

NC Transgender Activist Compiles Bathroom-Safe Venue List

By Maria Dominguez | Aug 21
Since the advent of House Bill 2 (HB2), there has been an undeniable air of adversity in North Carolina, especially for transgender citizens of the state. One transgender activist has taken action.

New Online Poll Finds Tennesseans Divided Over Therapist Exemption Bill

By John Riley | May 29
A new poll shows Volunteer State residents are more closely divided than previously thought over a new Tennessee law that allows mental health counselors and therapists to refuse to treat LGBT patients.

From the Ashes of Freedom to Marry, A New Group Emerges to Replace It

By Christiana Lilly | May 22
Even before the Supreme Court made its historic ruling clearing the way for marriage equality in all 50 states, one group was already looking ahead to the next fight.

Indiana Lawmaker Seeks One Year Jail Penalty for Trans Restroom Users

By John Riley | Jan 11
An Indiana lawmaker has introduced and is pushing a bill that could potentially place transgender people in jail for up to a year if they use the restroom or locker room other than the one designated for their biological sex at birth.

CA Anti-Trans Ballot Measure Fails

By Matthew S. Bajko | Dec 26
For the second year in a row an effort to place a transphobic ballot measure before California voters has failed.

Anti-Trans Ballot Measure Introduced in CA

By Matthew S. Bajko | Apr 25
A California group long opposed to LGBT rights has introduced a ballot measure that would legislate which public restrooms transgender people could use.

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