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LCR to CPAC: Gay Conservatives are Just as Conservative as Anti-Gay Conservatives

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 20
Log Cabin Republican National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo issued a statement blasting organizers of this month's Conservative Political Action Conference for once again snubbing his organization.

Vegas Bets on 'Duck Dynasty' Musical Extravaganza

By EDGE | Nov 14
Just when you think you've heard everything. "The Duck Commander Family Musical" is slated to take the stage in Las Vegas this February.

'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Calls AIDS God's Punishment

By Bobby McGuire | Sep 12
In an attempt to motivate people to read his book "UnPhiltered," "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson is at it again with his latest anti-gay comments.

’Duck Dynasty’ Star Defends Anti-Gay Remarks As Ratings Continue to Drop

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 24
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, who made international headlines last year when he made anti-gay and racist remarks in an interview with GQ magazine, is continuing to spew homophobic rhetoric while defending his controversial statements.

’Duck Dynasty’ Star Gave an Anti-Gay Easter Sermon

By Jason St. Amand | May 22
It looks like "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson hasn’t learned much from coming under fire for spewing anti-gay and racist remarks last year.

Alaska State Fair Books ’Duck Dynasty’

By Mark Thiessen | May 1
A contentious cable television reality show star will be among the highlighted acts at this year’s Alaska State Fair, officials announced Wednesday.

Quacked Logic: ’Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Son Defends Father’s Anti-Gay Comments

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 26
The son of the "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, who dominated news last year for comments he made about sexuality and race in a GQ interview, may be following in his father’s footsteps after making similar statements in an interview with CNN.

’Duck Dynasty’ Greeted Back By 8.5 Million Viewers

Jan 16
Nielsen says "Duck Dynasty" drew 8.5 million viewers for its fifth-season premiere.

’Duck Dynasty’ Star: Show Leading Students to Pray

Jan 13
A teenager on TV’s "Duck Dynasty" says the reality show is leading students to pray before lunch at schools across the country.

"Duck" Son Robertson Makes Nice in Fox Interview

Jan 1
"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson chose not to quack back.

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