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Anti-Gay ND GOP Lawmaker Defends Sexting Man From Grindr

Apr 30
A North Dakota lawmaker who has voted against extending legal protections to gays and lesbians is defending his decision to send a graphic photo of himself to another user of a gay dating website

LGBT Inclusive Church Barred From Arkansas Easter Parade

By EDGE | Apr 6
If tolerance is "a two-way street," don't even think about holding a parade on it.

Gay Ala. Rep Threatens to 'Out' Cheating Colleages

By EDGE | Jan 27
Alabama's first openly gay state representative has issued a warning to her colleagues looking to fight to keep the state's overturned ban on same-sex marriage in place - either stop attacking gay people or if you're having an affair, she will out you.

Audio Surfaces of Potty-Mouthed Bristol Palin's Account of Drunken Brawl

By Bobby McGuire | Oct 22
An audio account of the Palin family drunken brawls shows that daughter Bristol is more comfortable with the "f-bomb" than the paso doble.

Anti-Gay Archbishop Investigated for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

By Amy Forliti | Jul 2
Archbishop John Nienstedt announced Tuesday that the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is investigating him after allegations of inappropriate behavior surfaced several months ago.

Dallas TV ’Walk-Out’ Queen Likely Daughter of Disgraced Televangelist

By EDGE | May 19
Amy Kushnir, the walk-out prone homophobic co-host of Dallas area morning show "The Broadcast" is likely the daughter of disgraced televangelist con artist Robert Tilton.

Anti-Gay Drag Queen Emeritus Loses GOP Bid for NC State Senate

By EDGE | May 8
Republican senatorial hopeful and retired drag queen Steve Wiles (aka Mona Sinclair), who went on the record as supporting the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, failed to win his party’s nomination for state senate this week.

’Christian’ Radio Host: Don’t Marry ’Em, Stone ’Em

By EDGE | Jan 7
A pair of purported "Christian" pastors appear to be looking for a repeal or variance on the Biblical edict "Let he without sin..." with the suggestion that a well attended parade might include a float featuring the stoning of a homosexual.

1 thru 8 of 8 Stories