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Austin Couple Creates Website for Gay Fathers

Jun 14
Two Austin men struggling with fatherhood as a gay couple have launched a website designed to offer advice, assistance and support to other men in their situation.

Gift Guide: Father’s Day on the Fly

By Matthew Wexler | Jun 10
Thought you’ve run out of time to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Fear not. EDGE offers a handful of easy-to-order items that will arrive just in time for the daddy in your life. And we use that term loosely.

A Classy Dude’s Cocktail for Father’s Day

Jun 16
Just as we leap into that relaxed summer mode, there’s the yearly drill: What do we get dad for Father’s Day? You can always go with the clich├ęd necktie or power tool, but this year why not get dad what he really wants...a decent cocktail.

Daddy Love: Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012

By Mark Thompson | Jun 5
Lest you’ve forgotten, he took you to your first ball game (before he realized that he’d also be driving you to dance class). If your father wasn’t completely a saint, he did the best he could do. This Father’s Day, treat your daddy right.

Award-Winning Director, Author, Screenwriter Named One of HRC’s ’Fathers of the Year’

Jun 19
In order to select HRC’s "Father of the Year," a contest was launched, accepting nominations nationwide, to recognize both GBT and ally dads.

Daddy Love: Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Mark Thompson | Jun 7
Whether you called him "Dad" or "Father" - or "Sir," the man deserves to be celebrated. Fete him with something thoughtful that reminds him of the years you’ve shared.

Smart Spending: Honor Dad within your budget

By Mae Anderson | Jun 10
Father’s Day may not make as big a splash as Mother’s Day - people spend much more on Mother’s Day and even Easter, according to the National Retail Federation.

Doin’ it for Dad :: An EDGE Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Jason Salzenstein | Jun 16
What do most dads not need? How about socks, ties, and a new robe... because you’ve likely given them to him in years passed. At least once. And we’re willing to bed that he probably didn’t actually like them that much back then. Don’t linger on the past though- now’s your chance to make up for lame gifts given in previous years. This year, the EDGE Style Team has checked out the goods so you don’t have to. Here’s what they found...

Classic gifts for dad :: an EDGE gift guide

By Jason Salzenstein | Jun 15
With Dad’s day fast approaching, if you haven’t thought about a gift for your old man, you better get crackin’. No need to sweat though; the EDGE style team’s got it under control- with some suggestions that work for dads of all shapes, styles and interests. If you’ve got the "classic dad," we’ve got some great suggestions that he’s sure to love. Check it out...

Fab foodie finds :: A gourmet dad’s day gift guide

By Jason Salzenstein | Jun 13
If your father’s a fan of fine food and wine, skip the barbeque sauce and wieners this year and go for something with a bit more "pizzazz." Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! The EDGE Style and Food & Drink teams have been testing, tasting, and trying things for weeks now, in order to bring you the best gourmet goodies for your dad. Check it out...

1 thru 10 of 11 Stories