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Fischer Likens Anti-Gay 'Pizza Bigots' to Anne Frank

By EDGE | Apr 14
"Pizza-gate" continued Monday when Bryan Fischer likened the "struggle" of the now wealthy anti-gay marriage owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana with Anne Frank.

Santorum Uses 'God Hates Fags' Analogy on National Television

By EDGE | Apr 6
Rick Santorum dropped an "f bomb" on national television and it wasn't "f*ck."

GOP Senator Thinks Gays Should Be Grateful They're Not in Iran

By EDGE | Apr 2
Hey gays! Shut up about Indiana already. It could be worse: You could be killed in Iran!

Pat Robertson Advises Viewer to Treat Gay Kid Like A Drug Addict

By EDGE | Mar 17
Televangelist Pat Robertson broke new ground in anti-gay bigotry on Monday when he advised a viewer of his daily "700 Club" program to treat her gay son who is a recent atheist as a drug addict.

Pat Robertson Tells Viewer to Blow Off Her Gay Kid's Wedding

By EDGE | Mar 6
Pat Robertson told a viewer Thursday that their gay child was splitting up their marriage and they shouldn't attend their upcoming wedding.

Do Thin Mints Cause Lesbianism? One Christian Radical Thinks So

By EDGE | Mar 5
Could the sale of Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Somoas lead to a lifetime of Toshi Reagon songs, flannel shirts and WPGA tournaments?

Scott Lively Warns Gay Marriage Will Cause Sodom's Fire, Noah's Flood

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 23
According to pastor Scott "don't call me 'anti-gay'" Lively, 2015 might be a good year to take out more home owner's insurance.

Hate Group Leader Likens Bigots to 'Involuntary' Servants, Threatens Uprising

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 5
Hey gays! Looking for an "involuntary" servant with a Christian work ethic? You're in luck!

Okla. Career Bigot Files 3 Anti-LGBT Measures With State Legislature

By EDGE | Jan 24
An Oklahoma State Representative is looking to score a hat trick of hate with the introduction of three anti-gay bills.

Perkins: Gay Rights Will Destroy US Economy

By EDGE | Dec 17
Hate group leader Tony Perkins claims that expansion of rights for LGBT Americans will destroy the economy.

1 thru 10 of 28 Stories