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Log Cabin Republicans Finally Get Official Place at CPAC

By EDGE | Feb 23
After years of being denied official participation in CPAC, it appears as though gay conservative group the Log Cabin Republicans will have a place at the table at this year's forum scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C.

LCR to CPAC: Gay Conservatives are Just as Conservative as Anti-Gay Conservatives

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 20
Log Cabin Republican National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo issued a statement blasting organizers of this month's Conservative Political Action Conference for once again snubbing his organization.

Log Cabin Republicans to Support Workplace Discrimination Executive Order

By EDGE | Dec 8
Check the skies for flying pigs, the Log Cabin Republicans are coming out against their own to support an executive order issued by President Obama.

Texas GOP Changes Platform Language on Homosexuality to Endorse Conversion Therapy

By Bobby McGuire | Jun 5
Congratulations gay republicans in the Lone Star State! The draft platform for the Texas GOP has upgraded you from "pariah" to "mistake."

Oh Mary!: LCR Demand Apology Over Gay Slur

By EDGE | May 6
Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) are calling on a Democratic congressman to remove and apologize for an opinion piece on his campaign website that used the term "Mary" in reference to his gay opponent, Republican Carl DeMaio.

Log Cabin Republicans To Receive Financial Support from CEA

By EDGE | Apr 21
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® is proud to announce its financial support of Log Cabin Republicans, becoming the first trade association to formally support the country’s original and largest organization representing gay conservatives.

GOP Congressman With Anti-Gay Voting Record Co-Sponsors Anti-Bullying Bill

By Bobby McGuire | Mar 30
Check the sky for flying pigs! A Long Island Republican congressman with a history of voting against LGBT rights has signed on to co-sponsor anti-bullying legislation.

Log Cabin Republican Sets Record Straight on Not Being Invited to CPAC

By EDGE | Mar 6
Gay conservative groups are again barred from official participation CPAC, and like an angry Cinderella uninvited to the ball with poison pen in hand, Log Cabin Republican president Gregory T. Angelo took to conservative media to set the record straight.

1 thru 8 of 8 Stories