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Seven Gay Wonders of the World 2018: Vancouver

By Jim Gladstone | Dec 27
Vancouver, British Columbia, is home to Western Canada's largest queer population and is a feast for both foodies and fitness buffs. Here's why it made our Seven Gay Wonders of the World list for 2018.

2-Wheeling Through Canada's Gaspe Peninsula

By Glenn Adams | Aug 27
Whether you take a clockwise or counter-clockwise route, and whether it's on motorcycle or bicycle, a two-wheeled tour of a loop around Quebec's Gaspe peninsula is certain to please.

Ice, Ice Baby: Chillin' Out at Canada's Hôtel De Glace

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 7
Bundle up. An evening at Hôtel De Glace is a wintery dream come true.

Cold Weather Brings Out the Crowds: Quebec City's Winter Carnaval

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 24
Nobody does more with the cold winds of winter than the Canadians. And this time of year, that means Quebec Winter Carnaval.

Bucking the Anti-Trade Trend, EU Clears Deal with Canada

By Raf Casert | Feb 15
The European Union's parliament approved a trade deal with Canada on Wednesday, extolling the pact as a sign of cooperation at a time when many political forces, including U.S. President Donald Trump's administration, are trying to halt globalization.

Tall Ships Set Sail in Quebec City This Summer

By Calvin Woodward | Jan 24
Majestic ships will be sailing North Atlantic waters this summer, visiting ports along the St. Lawrence River for weeks and gathering en masse in Quebec City July 18-23.

A Weekend in Winnipeg

By Matthew Wexler | Sep 30
Tempted by the friendly greetings (eh?) and forthcoming election, which (pending a Trumpaggedon outcome) might cause all of us to pack our bags and emigrate, we sent EDGE's travel editor to the charming city of Winnipeg.

Victoria Offers History, Scenery for Tourists

By Ed Walsh | Jul 31
Victoria is Canada's best kept secret, with a combination of the country's best weather, picturesque scenery, and historic architecture.

Québec City Celebrates New France Festival 20th Anniversary

Jul 27
The New France Festival welcomes over 200,000 visitors to rejoice in gastronomical activities, historic reenactments, and take part in historic lectures, showcasing with humor the 17th and 18th century period when Québec was a French colony.

Let's Travel to Montreal!

By Mike Halterman | Aug 2
Americans tend to have an image of Montreal as a sleepy city which is more French than English.Let me tell you what you should see and do in the city the locals call "La Métropole."

1 thru 10 of 125 Stories