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Catholic School Lets Transgender Students Choose Their Uniforms

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 3
An Australian Catholic school allowed two transgender students to choose their own school uniforms to match their gender identity.

Alabama Parents Demand Removal of Pride Flag, Students Clap Back

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 2
Last week, an Auburn High School classroom in Alabama put an LGBT pride flag on display made by members of a school club. Now, hundreds of people have signed a petition to have it torn down.

Creep of the Week :: Linda Harvey Thinks LGBTQ Kids Are Predators

By D'Anne Witkowski | Aug 26
If a lesbian teen signs up for an all girls robotics camp it's because she likes robots not because she's hoping to "reprogram" the girls around her. But some people make EVERYTHING about sex...

Disagreements on 'Conversion Therapy' Ban Open Important Discussion

By Tucker Berardi | Jul 30
In a forum-style debate in front of the Wellington Village, Florida, council, Pickup, joined by family therapist Julia Hamilton, presented arguments against a ban on conversion therapy opposite Rachel Needle, a state licensed psychologist.

More Suicide Hotline Calls Than Ever After Trump Election, CEO Says

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jul 16
The Trevor Project, an organization created to prevent suicide in the LGBT community, has been receiving an increase in suicide hotline calls following the presidential election.

University of Central Florida Ranks on List of 50 Best Colleges for LGBT Students

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jul 15
College Choice released this year's top 50 colleges for LGBT students - and only one Florida school made the list.

Florida Town of Wellington Bans 'Conversion Therapy'

By Tucker Berardi | Jul 2
Following an initial vote of 4-1 in favor of enacting a ban on conversion therapy for minors earlier this month, the Wellington Village Council met again Tuesday in order to set the ban into effect, this time with a 3-2 vote.

Trans Teen Jazz Jennings Steals Show at EQCA Gala

By Cynthia Laird | May 13
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra told the largely LGBT crowd that he'll continue fighting for their rights as he accepted Equality California's Vanguard Leadership Award last weekend in San Francisco.

Delray Beach, Fla., Outlaws So-Called 'Conversion Therapy' on Kids

By Tucker Berardi | May 6
The number of cities in South Florida that still allow the practice of conversion therapy on minors is dwindling - yesterday one more city commission unanimously decided to ban the practice within city limits.

Essays by Young LGBTQ Writers

By Maria Dominguez | Apr 16
The finalists for qnotes' Youth Essay Contest reveal just this; these writers are individuals whose struggles all can relate to, and whose triumphs we all applaud.

11 thru 20 of 340 Stories