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Plan and Budget for a Good Return on Your Garden Investment

By Dean Fosdick | Dec 7
Planning ahead provides healthier returns for what can become a costly investment.

The Key to Sweet Corn is in the Genes

By Lee Reich | Sep 16
The taste of sweet corn in the market has, to many palates, gotten better and better over the years. But some corn is an oldie but a goodie, such as the Golden Bantam variety, which debuted in 1902.

What's Old is New: Antiques Can Add Personality to a Garden

By Dean Fosdick | Aug 27
Adding antique garden ornaments to the landscape blends horticulture with history. One-of-a-kind pieces will personalize your property, and over time may grow into something richly rewarding - financially as well as artistically.

Indoor Gardens Made Easy

By Kim Cook | Aug 13
Now you can plop a planter anywhere in your house, set a few timers, and in about 10 days you'll be nibbling greens like a contented rabbit. All year round.

Mobile Gardening Apps Are Growing by the Minute

By Dean Fosdick | Aug 9
Gardening apps are getting better all the time, supplanting manuals and textbooks as the way people dig for information. Many university Extension services are developing the digital aids to extend outreach to clients.

Public Gardens Pass on Prized Horticulture Skills

By Natalie Pompilio | Jul 31
With fewer young people choosing careers in horticulture, Longwood Gardens is working to ensure that the effort and expertise that goes into growing specialty plants is preserved for future generations

7 Reasons Why Millennials Love Gardening

By EDGE | Apr 17
More millennials (people between the ages of 21 and 34) than any other age group are falling in love with gardening.

New England Winter Pushes Back Gardening Season

By Lisa Rathke | Apr 20
The historic barrage of snow and cold that struck New England this winter has pushed back the gardening season and left behind damaged bushes, trees and greenhouses - and gardeners clamoring to get their hands in the dirt.

Like a Virgin: Snug Harbor's All-White Garden

By Beth J. Harpaz | Apr 15
First come the snowdrops, peeking through the snow, then as things warm up, hellebores and crocuses, followed by geraniums, camellias and many more. But there's one thing all the flowers in this particular garden have in common: They're all white.

Gardening's New Ethos: Help the Planet (And Look Good, Too)

Apr 1
From the biggest botanical gardens to the smallest backyard plots and terraces, there's a movement underway to make gardens work harder for the environment.

1 thru 10 of 53 Stories