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Poland's Mixed Feelings Over Memorial to Rescuers of Jews

INTERNATIONAL | By Vanessa Gera | Aug 30
Many scholars and ordinary Jews fear that a monument to Polish rescuers at Warsaw's key site of Jewish tragedy will bolster a false historical narrative.

Warsaw's Iconic, Controversial Rainbow Taken Down at Night

INTERNATIONAL | By Monika Scislowska | Aug 27
Warsaw's iconic and controversial rainbow art, once installed by an old cloister and then a symbol of Poland's leadership in the European Union and of tolerance for sexual minorities, has been taken down.

Travel Essentials: Warsaw

By Monika Scislowska | Aug 20
Almost every month brings something new in Warsaw. With nearly 2 million people, Poland's capital city has been developing fast ever since the once-communist nation joined the European Union in 2004

Video: Protesters Light Rainbow Structure on Fire in Poland

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Nov 15
Extreme right protesters in Poland set a promenade rainbow structure in Warsaw on Nov. 11 during an Independence Day March.

Quaint Finnish Homes in Warsaw Face Destruction

HOME | By Vanessa Gera | Mar 20
A colony of historical Finnish wooden houses built just after World War II now face destruction.

Polish Lawmakers Protest Walesa’s Anti-Gay Rant

Poland’s first openly gay and transsexual lawmakers took seats on the front bench of Parliament Wednesday to protest hostile remarks by former President Lech Walesa.

Polish Transgender Lawmaker Loses Shot at Top Post

INTERNATIONAL | By Vanessa Gera | Feb 8
Poland’s first transgender lawmaker lost the chance to be deputy speaker for her leftwing party when lawmakers voted overwhelming to keep the incumbent in the job.

Poland Rejects Draft Laws for Unmarried Couples

Poland’s lawmakers have rejected three separate draft laws that were intended to give legal rights to unmarried couples, including same-sex ones.

Polish Court Approves Same-Sex Couple Inheritance

Poland’s Supreme Court said Wednesday that a same-sex partner can inherit the right to a deceased’s rented apartment.

In Surprise Move, Poland’s Conservative Party to Introduce Civil Unions

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Sep 7
In a surprise turnaround, Poland’s conservative party announced this week it will introduce a bill that would legalize civil unions for same sex-couples.

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