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US New Home Sales Plunge As Mortgage Rates Rise

REAL ESTATE | By Chris Rugaber | Aug 23
Americans cut back sharply in July on their purchases of new homes, a sign that higher mortgage rates may weigh on the housing recovery.

Fannie Mae Posts $10.1 B Net Income for 2Q

REAL ESTATE | By Marcy Gordon | Aug 9
Mortgage giant Fannie Mae earned $10.1 billion in the second quarter, aided by the recovery in the housing market. The government-controlled company has turned a profit in each of the past six quarters.

Obama Heads to Phoenix to Pitch Mortgage Reform

REAL ESTATE | By Julie Pace | Aug 6
President Barack Obama is proposing to overhaul the nation’s mortgage finance system, including shutting down government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - a plan with bipartisan support on Capitol Hill.

Bank of America Fined for Refusing Lesbian Couple Loan

CORPORATE | By Jason St. Amand | Jan 7
Bank of America settled a discrimination claim filed by a Florida lesbian couple who were denied a loan because they were an unmarried same-sex couple.

House Divided: Gay Couples With a Mortgage

FINANCE | By David Ellis | Apr 3
A recent decision by a tax court means that legally recognized same-sex couples cannot take separate deductions on mortgage interest, even though the federal government doesn’t recognize their union.

More Americans at Risk of Foreclosure

The number of Americans at risk of foreclosure is rising, reflecting the U.S. economy’s continued struggles.

Mortgage Rates Hit Low of 4.54 Percent

Mortgage rates dropped to the lowest level on record for the fifth time in six weeks, making homebuying and refinancing the most attractive in decades for those who can get loans.

Senate votes to rein in mortgage lenders

CORPORATE | By Jim Kuhnhenn | May 13
Taking aim at deceptive lending, the Senate on Wednesday voted to ban mortgage brokers and loan officers from getting greater pay for offering higher interest rates on loans, and to require that borrowers prove they can repay their loans.

Freddie Mac: mortgage rates sink to 6-week low

HOME | May 7
Rates for 30-year fixed mortgages have fallen to their lowest level in six weeks, Freddie Mac said Thursday. Read more...

Many LGBT Homeowners Still Underwater

HOME | May 6
When the warmer weather finally arrives it will usher in the busiest season of the year for marketing and selling real estate, and many LGBT homeowners are eager to list their homes. Despite the fact that the overall real estate market is showing signs of improvement, however, many homeowners are still "underwater" on their loans. Read more...

1 thru 10 of 28 Stories