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Latest Megu Outpost to Open in Gstaad

From its beginning eight years ago in New York, MEGU has been expanding to leading capitals around the world. In 2004, MEGU New York opened at 62 Thomas Street in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood.

Bluefin Tuna Conservation Measures Pay Off

Japan and Asian nations argued bluefin tuna should be left to quota-setting international fisheries bodies to bring the species back from the brink.Two years on, their strategy for rebuilding stocks of Atlantic Bluefin tuna appears to be working.

Calif. farmer creating identity for his rice

By Juliana Barbassa | Jun 11
Great sushi depends on rice that is just right - grains that are glossy and yielding after cooking, sticky with a touch of sweetness, but able to retain their color, aroma and shape.

330-Foot Sushi Roll Created in Calif.

Nov 15
It was the roll of a lifetime. Hundreds of amateur sushi chefs at the University of California, Berkeley got their hands fishy Sunday as they assembled a 330-foot California roll.

In the Raw :: Uni Sashimi

By Rebecca Hansen | Aug 24
After just one dish at Uni, I was pretty sure I had discovered sashimi heaven, and every dish that followed confirmed that this was true.

L.A. Eats :: Katsuya

By David Andrusia | Jul 13
Though it’s just a stone’s throw from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Katsuya--the Philippe Starck-designed Japanese jewel--is hardly eclipsed in the starpower department. In fact, the ambience is so sexy and the food so superior that we’d vote to give Katsuya its very own star on the Boulevard.

Get it Fresh at Farmerie 58

By Megan Smith | Jul 6
Sustainable is the industry buzzword of the season, and in Chicago, few restaurants have nailed the trend quite as well as Farmerie 58. As the name suggests, the philosophy of sustainability centers on farmed ingredients, locally sourced as much as possible.

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories