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Surf's Up and Out

Jan 15
Carlsbad resident Bill Curci first started riding waves when he was five and "got into surfing" at 13.

Former Professional Soccer Player Comes Out

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jan 14
Adam McCabe, ex-professional soccer player, has revealed he is gay in a story shared with Meanwhiler. His goal was to help out people who are looking for advice, experience and guidance.

Just Go Dark? Playoff Teams Confront Twitter Pot Shots

By John Zenor | Jan 10
Clemson has a no-social-media policy during the season, a plan voted on by the players. Alabama coach Nick Saban lets players know that what they say on social media is part of their "brand," for better or worse.

Ligety Finds A New Way to Win - by Sponsoring His Rivals

By Andrew Dampf | Jan 3
In all, Shred athletes have won eight races this season. Swiss standout Lara Gut and French ace Alexis Pinturault have three each while two more Frenchmen, Mathieu Faivre and Sarrazin, have one each.

WNBA Offers Players Security App for Safety Overseas

By Doug Feinberg | Dec 29
The WNBA is offering an assist to players trying to stay safe while traveling overseas.

Three Gay Soccer Players May Publicly Come Out

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 17
We may soon have more LGBT representation in the professional soccer community. Three players are in talks about coming out publicly as gay.

'The Toughest Mudder': A 24-Hour Obstacle Race

Dec 15
What exactly is 'Tough Mudder?" Extreme sports enthusiasts know. For the rest of us, here's an explanation from a champion of the event.

Mark Cuban: Dispute with ESPN Rooted in Automated Content

Nov 11
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says his decision to revoke the credentials of two ESPN writers who cover his team was driven partly by concern that automated game reports could eventually replace human-generated content.

Harvard Cancels Men's Soccer Season Over Sex Rating Report

Nov 4
A scandal over a lewd document has ended the season for one of Harvard's biggest sports programs. The university abruptly canceled all of its men's soccer games Friday.

Belichick Says He 'Can't Take It Anymore' with Tablet Use

By Kyle Hightower | Oct 22
Bill Belichick is throwing in the towel in his ongoing fight with the use of tablets on the sideline.

1 thru 10 of 145 Stories