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New Research Affects Catch Limits

By Patrick Whittle | Dec 22
The government bases catch quotas and other rules in part on the mortality of tossed fish, and there isn't always accurate data available about how many fish survive the fling.

Leading Thai Seafood Boss: AP Shrimp Probe 'Wake-up Call'

By Robin McDowell and Martha Mendoza | Dec 18
The president of one of the world's biggest seafood exporters expressed frustration and promised change Tuesday after saying an Associated Press investigation that linked slave-peeled shrimp to his company should be a "wake-up call."

Virginia Welcomes Oyster Lovers

By Troy Petenbrink | Nov 15
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe first announced the Virginia Oyster Trail in August 2014, and today - following more than a year of planning and development - he officially decreed the trail open for business.

New Hampshire Oyster Project: Cooperation on the Half Shell

By Holly Ramer | Oct 14
From seeding to slurping, what gets served on the half shell is not even half the story when it comes to New Hampshire oysters.

Food Track Tech: Swipe a Code, Meet Your Fisherman

By Patrick Whittle | May 26
A group of scientists and fishermen said the technology isn't about a gimmick so much as survival. They're developing a tool they say will allow consumers to learn the backstory of a piece of fish while standing in the supermarket with their smartphone.

Maine Fishing Ban Causes Increase of Canadian Imports

By Patrick Whittle | Apr 20
Canadian imports of crustaceans are turning up more in American restaurants and seafood markets since a ban on fishing for Maine shrimp dried up local sources.

U.S.-Raised Organic Seafood Coming Soon

By Matthew Wexler | Apr 18
After more than a decade of delays, the government is moving toward allowing the sale of U.S.-raised organic fish and shellfish. But don't expect it in the grocery store anytime soon.

Getting Trashed: New England Fisheries Offer Sustainable Seafood

Aug 23
Who you callin’ trashy? New England is embracing the phrase as chefs, scientists and commercial fisheries combine forces to offer sustainable seafood and educate diners on the impact of global warming.

Get Trashed: Sustainable Seafood’s Latest Trend

By Michele Kayal | Jun 15
"Trash fish" dining is catching on as chefs become more innovative in sourcing sustainable seafood.

A Peek Inside NYC’s New Fulton Fish Market

By Verena Dobnik | Apr 25
Think Wall Street trading is brutal? Head to the the South Bronx, where cutthroat deals are made in the dead of night on a massive concrete floor that embodies the nation’s largest fish market.

1 thru 10 of 29 Stories