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MassEquality Applauds FY15 State Budget Funding of LGBTQ Youth and Homelessness Programs

LOCAL | By EDGE | Jul 12
Friday, Governor Patrick approved a new budget that funds LGBTQ homeless programs and services for youth.

Mass. LGBT Group Meets Boston Mayor, Officials over St. Patrick’s Day Parade

LGBT rights group MassEquality met with Congressman Stephen Lynch, Mayor Marty Walsh, and Parade organizer Phil Wuschke and discussed concerns over LGBT people openly marching in Boston’s St. Patrick’sDay Parade.

Deal Held Up Over Gays Marching in Boston Parade

NATIONAL | By Denise Lavoie | Mar 3
A gay rights advocacy group said Monday that it is pushing for gay people to be allowed to march "openly and honestly" in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, but an agreement has not been reached with parade organizers.

MassEquality Icons Awards Honor Boston Bruins’ Anti-Bullying Advocacy

LOCAL | By Tony Hobday | Mar 5
MassEquality Second Annual Icons awards honored those who have helped gain equality for everyone, including the Boston Bruins, who have helped advance the cause of LGBT acceptance in pro sports.

With Election Day Approaching, Tierney and Tisei Wage Battle to Win

POLITICS | By Dan Meyer | Nov 5
The race between openly gay Republican candidate Richard Tisei and Rep. John Tierney for the a seat in the House of Representatives for Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District is on fire just one day before the elections.

MassEquality Backs Bill to Remove Sodomy Language from Law

LOCAL | By Jason Prokowiew | Sep 16
Even though the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck down the Commonwealth’s sodomy law in 2002, MassEquality has backed a measure that would remove arcane language it contends could be used to potentially criminalize consensual same-sex conduct.

Marriage equality past present and future: How the ’phobes have fallen

NATIONAL | By Ethan Jacobs | May 19
Looking back on the fight to preserve marriage equality in Massachusetts, it is astounding to remember that when lawmakers were first debating a marriage amendment in 2004 nearly all of the state’s political heavyweights were aligned against the LGBT community. The governor, the Senate president, the House speaker, the state’s Catholic bishops and Boston’s Black Ministerial Alliance teamed up with multimillion dollar Christian right organizations from out of state to try to prevent Massachusetts from allowing same-sex couples to marry, but the LGBT community and its allies overcame all opposition. The icing on the cake is that, five years later, most of the generals leading the charge against equality no longer have the clout they once did in the Bay State.

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