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Love is Great: What Not to Miss in Great Britain in 2018

By Matthew Wexler | Dec 23
From new hotels and West End theater openings to culinary happenings and Pride celebrations that warrant an easy 'jump over the pond,' Great Britain is poised to overflow your travel bucket list in 2018. Here's what's not to miss.

Are High Heel Dress Codes Sexist? U.K. Lawmakers Hold Debate

By Jill Lawless | Mar 6
British lawmakers focused on footwear Monday, asking whether employers should be able to make women wear high heels as part of a corporate dress code.

Pork Pie Problem: UK Food Traditions to Lose EU Support

By Josh Boak | Aug 9
Welsh farmers like Rees Roberts can expect to earn a premium on their meats thanks to a certificate of regional authenticity. But that marker of distinction is granted by the European Union and is now at risk after Britain voted to leave the bloc.

Britain May Be Yearning for A Country That Never Was

By Karl Ritter | Jul 11
Across Britain, from dilapidated Welsh coal mining towns to English beach resorts frozen in time, people say they voted to leave the European Union and plunge into the unknown to get their country back.

Betting on 'Brexit' Breaks Records

By Leonora Beck | Jun 23
As if the stakes were not high enough in Britain's nail-biting vote this week, people are betting record amounts of money on its outcome.

Less Bangers, More Mash: 20% Rise in Brits Lesbian Encounters

By Winnie McCroy | Apr 23
A new survey reveals a twenty percent jump in the number of British women who are ’tipping the velvet’ with other ladies.

The British Wedding Invasion

By David Toussaint | Mar 28
We all want to be queen for a day, and now that same-sex marriage has become legal, and sanctioned by her majesty (and Madge, no doubt), this is the perfect time for a UK wedding, honeymoon, or both.

Margaret Thatcher’s Mixed Legacy: Gay Rights, an F; AIDS, an A

By Steve Weinstein | Apr 8
The Iron Lady’s implacable homophobia led to the infamous Section 28. On AIDS, however, her government exhibited far more foresight than our own. EDGE analyzes the legacy of one of the late 20th century’s most influential leaders.

Queen Elizabeth to Sign 54-Nation LGBT, Women’s Rights Pledge

By Steve Weinstein | Mar 10
On live TV, Queen Elizabeth is expected to sign a pledge to promote gay rights & gender equality, the first time the monarch of the U.K. & 54 Commonwealth nations has made a public statement on the subject.

Philadelphia Flower Show Will Be "Brilliant!" in 2013

Dec 31
The British have a word for something that’s inventive, dazzling, extraordinary. They say it’s "Brilliant!" The 2013 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, entitled "Brilliant!," promises to be all those things and much more.

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