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New Poll: Majority of Young Republicans Back Same-Sex Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 10
A new Pew Research poll finds that the most Republicans between the ages of 18 and 29 believe same-sex couples should be able to legally tie the knot.

Candidate Could Be 1st Gay GOP Leader of Big City

By Elliot Spagat | Nov 5
A win by Councilman Carl DeMaio would make San Diego the largest U.S. city by far to choose an openly gay Republican leader. DeMaio also would become one of the few young Republicans elected to a high-profile office in California.

Social Issues + Generation Gap = Growing Rifts in GOP?

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 4
As the GOP prepares to exert new clout in Washington, D.C., deep divisions over emphasizing social issues over fiscal matters threatens to fray party unity. In the longer term, youthful party members--and prospective young Republicans--are increasingly untroubled by a group that the GOP once reliably demonized: America’s GLBT citizens.

New Young Republicans Chair Accused of Homophobia, Racism

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 13
The Young Republicans have elected a new, 38-year-old chairperson, who brings with her allegations of making and condoning racist and homophobic comments online.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories