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American Airlines Hires Company to Help Manage Security Lines

May 19
American Airlines says it will spend $4 million for contractors who will help manage checkpoint lines and get passengers through security more quickly.

Atlantic City Votes on Boardwalk Booze

May 17
Atlantic City is considering a policy that would allow booze on the boardwalk.

Beach House Fun: A Family Affair

May 16
Renting a house for a week or so with extended family or friends is an economical way to vacation while offering quality time with loved ones.

World's Biggest Cruise Ship Sets Sail From France

May 16
Tens of thousands of French well-wishers waved goodbye to the largest cruise ship in the world as it set sail on its maiden voyage to the U.K. after 32 months in a French shipyard.

TSA Pre-Check: Is It Worth It?

By Scott Mayerowitz | May 14
Fliers facing extremely long airport security lines this spring and summer might want to consider becoming members of the Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck.

All the Gold in California

By Joel Martens | May 14
If you need a moment to slow your pace and enjoy life, Morro Bay and its many, surrounding enticements is the place to breath in life's many delights.

Times Square Hugger Punches Tourist Who Won't Tip

May 13
A man offering "free hugs" in New York's Times Square is accused of punching a Canadian tourist in the face after she refused to tip him for his hug and a photo.

Hotels Build Buzz for Eco-Efforts With Rooftop Beehives

By Kristin J. Bender | May 13
At the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, there are more than 370 rooms inside and hundreds of thousands of bees buzzing above in rooftop hives outside.

Discovering Singapore

By Amir Bibawy | May 13
At 51, Singapore is shrugging off all symptoms of a midlife crisis and embracing travelers with more and better things to see, taste and experience than ever before.

Essential Philadelphia

By Kathy Matheson | May 12
With classic rowhouse architecture, brick sidewalks and narrow streets, some charming neighborhoods in Philadelphia can almost make you forget about cheesesteaks, Rocky and that whole American Revolution thing. Almost.

14 thru 23 of 5110 Stories