Today on 'Megyn Kelly Today': Megyn Kelly Takes a Jell-O Shot

Friday Oct 20, 2017
Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today"
Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today"  (Source:You Tube Still via NBC)

Today on "Megyn Kelly Today" Megyn Kelly opened her show by talking about a viral tweet from the CIA about a bomb-sniffing dog who turned out to have no interest in sniffing out bombs.

"I don't know how it makes the news - [the tweet] went viral on the Internet!" Megyn said, failing to mention how a clip of herself dancing with Hoda on yesterday's episode of "Megyn Kelly Today" also went viral on the Internet.

After discussing a Massachusetts school renaming their Halloween celebration to "black and orange spirit day," Megyn welcomed "Megyn Kelly Today" regular Jeff Rossen to the show. She said they were going to discuss "film" but that wasn't really the case. He talked about a story where a couple discovered they were secretly being recorded in their Airbnb by a tiny camera in a smoke detector.

Jeff then discussed hidden cameras, revealing he secretly recorded the audience earlier this morning with a hidden camera attached to a water bottle.

"Cue gasps," Jeff said.

Megyn then launched into a weird story about a time when she and Doug, her husband, were on vacation. She said she noticed what could have been a hidden camera inside the hotel room while they were "in an indiscreet moment."

"I should have put on a robe!" Megyn added.

Jeff told Megyn he was filming her this entire time on a little camera attached to his coffee cup.

Next on "Megyn Kelly Today," Megyn welcomed actor Greg Kinnear, who was on the show to promote a new movie no one has ever heard of called "Same Kind of Different As Me," which also stars Renee Zellweger.

Megyn asked if we "remember when Greg was the host of 'Talk Soup.'"

"You were in my business!" Megyn said.

She then asked Greg about the first time he met Jack Nicholson for "As Good as It Gets," where Greg ate a bowl of pasta at Jack's house.

After the interview, Megyn introduced the next segment, "spooky snacks" with "Today" show food contributor Elizabeth Heiskell.

Elizabeth explained you can buy snacks and "put them out" for a Halloween event. She showed Megyn how to wrap a fake skull with prosciutto, which looked extremely gross.

"Honey, this is the only time you're gonna find a skull on my dinning room table," Elizabeth said at 9:30 a.m.

Elizabeth then showed Megyn how to make "mummy hotdogs," which were basically pigs in a blanket. Elizabeth then said, "Have your kids take a bite out of them as long as they don't have a stomach virus."

Megyn tried to wrap pastry around the hotdog but was very bad at it.

Elizabeth showed Megyn a snack that was covered in green chocolate and Megyn couldn't believe green chocolate was real.

"Honey, you can order anything online," Elizabeth said.

Megyn then asked Elizabeth how to melt chocolate.

"Do you boil it?" she asked.

"Do you live under a rock?!" Elizabeth asked Megyn.

The segment went off the rails when Elizabeth introduced Megyn to Jell-O shots

"Now I know you've done Jell-O shots," she told Megyn.

"What?" Megyn asked. "What are you implying?"

Elizabeth started shouting "Shot! Shot! Shot!" and told the audience to cheer Megyn on.

Megyn did the Jell-O shot that had a gross Jell-O "eyeball" in it. She also dipped her pretzel/green chocolate snack into the Jell-O shot to scoop out the Jell-O eyeball.

"Ew!" Megyn said.

"That was the daintiest shot I've ever seen," Elizabeth said, marking the second time this week someone called Megyn dainty."

The next segment was about Alli Webb, owner of Drybar, who is a hairdresser. It was pretty boring but an audience member who got a "mai tai" blowout rolled her eyes.

Introducing the next segment, Megyn said, "We'll meet some millennials - I said it!"

Megyn introduced Kristen Hadeed and Rachel Simmons, who wrote books about failing.

Megyn kept referring to millennials as "cupcakes."

The show ended with country music singer Lee Brice performing a song from his album "Lee Brice."

Watch Megyn and Elizabeth's "spooky snack" segment below.

Today on Megyn Kelly Today

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