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Climate Change is Here: Greenland is Shrinking

Jul 28
The annual "State of the Climate" report released recently said 2014 was the warmest year on record.

House Of David: delaria + bowie = jazz

By Kitty Drexel | Jul 28
This album is Delaria's vanity project of Bowie glam rock classics reinterpreted as 70's-era jazz.

The Longest Ride

By Frank J. Avella | Jul 28
Scott Eastwood is a dead ringer for papa Clint when he starred in the TV show "Rawhide" in the early '60s. And while he's no Clint in the acting department, he does show some raw potential.

The Howling II

By Ken Tasho | Jul 28
This sequel, making its Blu-ray debut, is mostly played for outrageous laughs.

3 Hearts

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 28
This juicy plot could go in any direction: Farce, drama, romance, tragedy. Jacques seems to see no reason why he ought to choose, packing all those elements into a film that's compelling at every turn.

White God

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 28
Remarkable for its visual punch, as well as the performances Mundruczó gets from his human and canine performers, "White God" is sharp, funny, and -- rare in today's glutted media market -- unforgettable.

Finding Neverland: Original Broadway Cast

By Steven Bergman | Jul 28
From play to Johnny Depp film, to the stage, the Broadway cast album is the latest promotional piece for "Finding Neverland," and it has its "dreamy" moments.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXXIII

By Ken Tasho | Jul 28
Those wacky bad movie fans Joel, Mike, and their fellow robot friends arrive with another four-episode collection courtesy of the fabulous Shout Factory folks.

Ghost Town

By Ken Tasho | Jul 28
Several years before both Madonna and Adam Lambert sang about ghost towns, there was a little horror movie of the same name.

The Black Stallion

By Jake Mulligan | Jul 28
They extras included do what these discs do best: they reveal the artist shrouded behind the film.

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