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Nothing Like a Dame Benefits Actors' Fund Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative

On Monday, October 24 at the Host committee members Betty Buckley, Misty Copeland, Kelli O'Hara, Bernadette Peters, and Janice Reals Ellig present the 20th Anniversary of "Nothing Like a Dame."

GMHC and NYPL Present 'Library & Leaders: 35 Years of AIDS'

NEWS | By EDGE | Oct 24
On Wednesday, October 26, Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) and the New York Public Library (NYPL) will host "Library & Leaders: 35 Years of AIDS," from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Library Main Branch located at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan.

Trump Claims His Bad Polling Figures Are 'Phony'

NEWS | Oct 24
Donald Trump is suggesting that Democrats are making up "phony polls" to drive down turnout.

Hate Group Leader Asks for $175K to Fight 'God-Mocking Gays' at the Polls

NEWS | Oct 24
In his latest money-grabbing email to followers, Tony Perkins of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council is making it very clear to the misguided faithful: the gays are coming to take away your freedom, so donate to us and vote Republican.

Christian Slater & James Franco Got Competitive Filming 'King Cobra' Gay Sex Scenes

Christian Slater and James Franco apparently got competitive when it came to filming the gay sex scenes in "King Cobra."

Gays Living in Partnership OK to Adopt Children of Partners

NEWS | Oct 24
The Czech government has approved a plan to allow gays and lesbians living in a registered partnership to adopt the children of their partners.

Montgomery County Police Investigating Assault as Hate Crime

NEWS | Oct 24
Montgomery County detectives are investigating an assault at an Olney restaurant as a hate crime.

NY Commission Seeks Artists to Create LGBT Memorial

NEWS | Oct 24
A state commission is searching for artists to design an LGBT memorial honoring victims of hate, intolerance and violence, including those killed in June's attack in an Orlando gay nightclub.

PopUps: Watch Bratty Bieber Walk Off Stage at UK Show

Justin Bieber isn't singing "sorry" anytime soon.

Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Remark Rallies Clinton Voters

NEWS | By Jocelyn Novecky | Oct 24
"Such a nasty woman."


Review :: Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer - 30th Anniversary

MOVIES | By Jonathan Covert | Oct 24
The violence of "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" won't shock a modern audience, but this fictionalization of two real, complex serial killers stabs at the dark heart that contemporary horror rarely dares.


Leading Tattoo Artists Help Wounded Israelis with Scars

CORPORATE | By Tia Goldenberg | Oct 23
At an event organized by a group called Artists 4 Israel, 11 tattoo artists from around the world splashed bold graphics on the wounded Israelis this week, transforming their pain into a source of pride.


Scientists in Europe Downplay Likely Loss of Mars Lander

SCIENCE | Oct 23
Scientists at the European Space Agency downplayed the likely loss of its Mars lander, saying Thursday that a wealth of data sent back by the experimental probe would help them prepare for a future mission to the red planet.


Prince Albert Buys Philadelphia Home of Mom Grace Kelly

The Philadelphia home where Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly grew up and accepted a marriage proposal from Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1955 is now in the hands of the royal family.


Tesla CEO: Criticism of Self-Driving Cars Can Kill People

AUTO NEWS | By Dee-Ann Durbin and Tom Krisher | Oct 23
Self-driving cars hold the promise of saving thousands of lives each year on U.S. roads. But does pointing out flaws with the technology effectively put people in danger?


Chandelier Made From Lost Earrings Debuts In Scotland

HOME | Oct 24
A stunning chandelier made from more than 3,000 lost earrings has gone on display in Scotland for the first time as the centerpiece of a new exhibition.


American Airlines Flight Delayed After Unauthorized Boarding

Oct 23
Authorities say a flight from Philadelphia to Boston was delayed and ultimately a different aircraft was used after a couple gained unauthorized access to the plane.


Our 4th Birthday at Beers and Bears!

Last Thursday night we celebrated our 4th Birthday at Beers and Bears held every Thursday in New York at the Bear Den on West 46th Street. Have a look at who showed up to party with us!