Trump Signs Pledge to Back GOP's 2016 Presidential Nominee

NEWS | By Steve Peoples | Sep 3
Presidential candidate Donald Trump ruled out the prospect of a third-party White House bid Thursday and vowed to support the Republican Party's next presidential nominee - whoever it may be.

Hate Group Leader Calls on Kentucky Gov. to Accommodate Defiant Clerk

NEWS | Sep 3
Tony Perkins of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council issued a statement calling on Governor Steve Beshear and the State Legislature to accommodate Davis' right to discriminate according to her faith.

Discover Gay Florida - Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors

TRAVEL | By Mike Halterman | Sep 3
Whether people want to take a well-deserved vacation or they want to establish permanent roots in either city, people find that this part of South Florida is warm and inviting.

Judge Says He Didn't Think Fine Would Work For County Clerk

NEWS | Sep 3
A federal judge says he didn't think fining a defiant Kentucky clerk would force her to comply with his order to issue marriage licenses.

North Dakota Frat Probed in Alleged Assault, Anti-Gay Taunts

NEWS | Sep 3
A University of North Dakota fraternity chapter has been placed on limited operations pending a police investigation into whether a gay man was assaulted and subjected to taunts about his sexual orientation.

Judge Orders Defiant County Clerk to Jail

NEWS | By Adam Beam | Sep 3
A federal judge has ordered a defiant Kentucky clerk to jail after she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

A Forced Screening of 'Mommie Dearest' Lands a Nebraska Babysitter in Jail

NEWS | By Bobby McGuire | Sep 3
After not feeling he received the respect he was entitled to, a Nebraska man duct-taped two boys to chairs and forced them to watch "Mommie Dearest."

ABC Family Gets Top Marks for Gay, Lesbian Inclusiveness

NEWS | By David Bauder | Sep 3
The television network that gets the most praise from an advocacy group that monitors content featuring gays, lesbians and transgender people has "family" in its name and targets an audience of teenage girls and young women.

Plan Targets Health Care Bias Against Transgender People

NEWS | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Sep 3
The Obama administration proposed Thursday to ban discrimination against transgender people throughout the health care system, carrying out anti-bias provisions in the president's health overhaul.

Broadway Season Features New 'Spring Awakening' and 'The Color Purple'

ENTERTAINMENT | By Mark Kennedy | Sep 3
The new Broadway season hasn't yet started in earnest and already there's a front-runner for the Tony Awards next summer - "Hamilton." But there are plenty of challengers hoping to steal its thunder over the next few months. Here's some highlights.


Polish Fireman Returns Huge Diamond Ring to Paris Hilton

The 34-year-old socialite lost an enormous diamond-studded ring on an airport shuttle bus in the Polish city of Lodz last week. But she won't be parted from the jewel for long: an honest fireman who found it is returning it to her.


Ben and Jerry's Defends Vermont GMO Labeling

LEGAL | Sep 3
Ben & Jerry's joins other Vermont businesses and consumer groups in defending Vermont's new labeling requirements for genetically engineered (GE) foods


Tech Tips: Windows 10 Privacy Settings Worth Checking

PERSONAL TECH | By Brandon Bailey | Sep 3
Microsoft's new Windows 10 system offers more personalization than before, but it also collects more data than people might be used to on PCs, from contacts and appointments to their physical location and even Wi-Fi passwords.


A Q&A with Wall Street's Top Psychiatrist on Market Turmoil

RETIREMENT | By Matthew Craft | Sep 3
When it seems like the stock market has lost its mind, big banks and investment firms often turn to one particular psychiatrist: Richard Peterson, CEO of MarketPsych, a firm that applies research from behavioral science to financial markets.


Top Selling Vehicles in the US in August

Automakers reported U.S. sales for August on Tuesday. Here are top selling cars and trucks, the number sold and the percentage change from last August.


Extended Power Outages Hit Home for Phoenix Residences

HOME | Sep 3
A savage storm with wind, rain and lightning that damaged buildings, knocked down trees, utility poles and power lines added up to sweaty predicaments for many Phoenix residents.


Eight Fitness Lessons You Need to Relearn

Warren Honeycutt has a question for you: Do you really know all you think you do about healthy living? He'll debunk eight common workout myths.


Labor Day Flying: Behind the Scenes at a Very Busy Airport

By Scott Mayerowitz | Sep 3
More than 14.2 million people are expected to fly over the seven days surrounding the Labor Day holiday, a 3 percent increase from last year, according to Airlines for America, the industry's trade and lobbying group.


World OutGames Miami 2017 to Benefit from White Party

LOCAL EVENTS | By JC Alvarez | Sep 1
Miami's "White Splash" to raise funds and awareness for the World OutGames in 2017 is part of the holiday White Party spectacular descending on South Beach.