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Mammoth Penis Spotted on British Beach

Tuesday Jan 3, 2017

Don't get too excited. It was only six centimeters long.

A fossil believed to be the 700,000 year-old penis of a wooly mammoth was discovered in the coastal town of Hunstanton, Norfolk, England last week.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, Fossil hunter Robert Mee, stumbled on the petrified penis last week. Uncertain of what the fossil was, he took to Facebook where he posted what turned out to be a pre-historic dick pick.

"Odd shape," responded Niall Thorogood, who found a baby mammoth tooth last year in West Runton Beach, Norfolk.

"It looks like a fossilised phallus," wrote Facebook user Richard Rockett.

Facebook user Alison Cramp added: "Elephant penis?"

As the modern relative to the wooly mammoth, the elephant has a penis measuring six feet long.

The fossil found by Mee, believed to be a petrified mammoth member, measured a mere six centimeters.

The water temperature at Hunstanton, Norfolk, England registered at 45 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, January 2, 2017, which adds credence to the "Seinfeld" theory of "shrinkage."


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