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Vajazzeling Isn’t Just for Women :: Introducing ’Pejazzels’

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Jun 6, 2014

Decorating your private parts with jewels isn't just for the ladies anymore.

That's right fellas, the people behind the popular (?) vajazzle crystal designs, where women stick Swarovski crystals down there, have brought the same idea for men to decorate their junk.

The Daily Mail reports the trend, brought to you by, is no longer limiting their services to just women. After salons in Essex, England, reported a sharp increase of interest by men asking for body bling, the online supplier of the crystal designs are now offering a number of designs for dudes, which are called "Pejazzles." Yes, Pejazzles.

Mark Wright of the popular U.K scripted reality show/soap opera "The Only Way is Essex," is Pejazzles' spokesperson and likens the body decorations to men wearing blinged-out watches or earrings. He also encourages men to shave before applying the crystal designs. He advises the "very hairy" guys (aka any bears out there into this) to get a waxing or a laser session.

Wright says he has his lower left abdomen pejazzled and knows men who have their arms, chest and back crystalized.

"Think of it just like a crystal tattoo -- and it's less permanent than a real one," he told the Daily Mail.

As for the designs, men can pick from geometric shapes, an iron, cross red lips and more.


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