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Texas Attorney General Faces Ethics Probe Over Gay Marriage

By Jim Vertigo | Feb 11
Already indicted on felony securities fraud charges, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will face an ethics investigation for advising local officials they could refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses on religious grounds.

OutQ is Reportedly Out of Business: Sirius XM Axes Gay Channel

Feb 10
Michael Musto of OUT is reporting that after nearly 13 years, Sirius OutQ, the first all-LGBT radio station, will be calling it quits after Friday.

Ind. Lawmakers to Take Up Bill Recognizing Hate Crimes

By Aric Chokey | Feb 10
Indiana is one of five states without hate crime laws, but that could soon change under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

Russell Tovey Apologizes for His Hot Bod, Which Made Man Literally Faint

Feb 10
"Looking" star Russell Tovey apologized in a recent interview with Heat magazine, saying he's sorry his chiseled body made a male theatergoer pass out when he took off his shirt during a Broadway show earlier this month.

Gay Rghts Groups Celebrate Defeat of Anti-Gay Oklahoma Bill

Feb 10
Gay rights activists are celebrating the Republican-led defeat of a bill that would have allowed Oklahoma businesses to discriminate against gay people.

State Supreme Court Mulls Florist's Gay Wedding Lawsuit

Feb 10
Attorneys for a Richland flower shop owner who lost a lawsuit over her refusal to provide services for a same-sex wedding have filed a brief with the state Supreme Court.

Florida Gay Rights Bill Won't Advance After Senate Stalemate

Feb 10
It took a decade for Florida's Republican-dominated Legislature to even listen to a bill to give LGBT people civil rights protections. When it finally did, the legislation was dead on arrival.

Protection for Gay Marriage Objectors on Georgia Senate Committee Agenda

Feb 10
A powerful Georgia Senate committee is set to consider a bill to allow religious adoption agencies, schools, government workers and others to refuse services to same-sex couples without being penalized.

Kim Davis Obeying Orders in Gay Marriage Case, Judge Rules

Feb 10
Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has obeyed orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the months since she spent five nights in jail for refusing to do so, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Martin Shkreli Sued By Artist Over Wu-Tang Clan Album

By Larry Neumeister | Feb 9
A Long Island artist sued ex-pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli and others Tuesday over the use of his art in a Wu-Tang Clan album, saying he never expected portraits he posted on a fan blog two years ago to be used without his permission.

1 thru 10 of 19107 Stories