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FRC Not Happy Over Obama's Pro-LGBT Executive Order

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Today, President Obama issued an Executive Order mandating that all federal contractors and subcontractors grant special treatment to the politically-charged categories of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in the workplace.

Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council's Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, released the following statement:

"President Obama has ordered employers to put aside their principles, and practices in the name of political correctness. This level of coercion is nothing less than viewpoint blackmail that bullies into silence every contractor and subcontractor who has moral objections to homosexual behavior. This order gives activists a license to challenge their employers and, expose those employers to threats of costly legal proceedings and the potential of jeopardizing future contracts.

"Religious faith is not simply a matter of intellectual affirmation but of active practice. A religious organization which is denied the power to require its employees to conduct their lives in a way consistent with the teachings of their faith is an organization which is being denied the right to exercise its religion, period. People with deeply held convictions regarding the morality of certain types of sexual behavior should not be bound by the dictates of President Obama's agenda.

"The President's policies are keeping the economy in the tank. He strangled the financial and health sectors by passing a health care law that's trampling employers' freedom and crushing their bottom lines. Now, as if those burdens weren't enough, the President's party wants to tell companies how they should run their businesses, and how they can and cannot practice their moral convictions and religious faith.

"President Obama is legislating without Congress. Now, the American people will be left to sort out the costs to religious and constitutional liberties resulting from this rule by decree," concluded Sprigg.


  • patroy, 2014-07-21 15:29:59

    Oh well, frc, get over it!!! Your hate group is on the downward spiral to extinction!

  • Spikbear, 2014-07-21 16:08:33

    Have you heard of separation of church and state?? This applies to companies subcontracting goverment work. It does not say that churches need to comply. This is telling companies that they cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It is time we get some type of protection from people like these that think they are better and we do not deserve a place to live, work or just BE... If these people decide to live life how the good book states - they would be more happy instead of preaching hate and fear to the poor souls that cannot think by themselves

  • , 2014-07-21 22:16:56

    How absolutely marvelous that President Obama’s executive order has the odious Peter Sprigg hopping mad. It’s incontrovertible proof that you’re doing the right thing when the bigots get mad at you.

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