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Gay ’Big Brother’ Contestant Fired From Job Over Remarks

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Sep 16, 2013

Openly gay contestant Andy Herren is the latest contestant from the CBS reality show "Big Brother 15" to be fired from his real life job over controversial remarks, the Inquisitr reports.

On Monday, officials from the College of DuPage, a community college in Glen Ellyn, Ill. (about 36 miles east of Chicago), confirmed on Facebook that Herren was no longer with the school.

"Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College," the post reads. "Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show "Big Brother" does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage."

As of this writing, the post has 218 likes and several comments.

"I would not want this guy teaching my kids no matter how old they are. He is a horrible influence on the minds of our kids," one person wrote.

"Thank you for getting rid of this disgusting person. I don't care about Andy's 'gameplay' or whatever some people want to blame it on," another said. "The fact is a person shouting disgusting, vile things about anyone should not be put in front of impressionable young college students. The behavior he has shown in that house, along with some others is inexcusable."

Though Herren hasn't been as direct with racial remarks, last week he said made questionable comments regarding fellow houseguest Elissa Slater.

"I would punch her in the throat," he said soon after Slater was eliminated. Zimmerman then called some of the evicted contestants "biracial robots who aren’t human." Herren replied, "Yeah, the robotic biracials."

A number of other houseguests have made headlines for blatantly making racist and anti-gay comments. The players are recorded 24/7 and their every move is broadcast online to fans who subscribe to the show’s Internet feeds. "Big Brother 15" contestants Aaryn Gries, Ginamarie Zimmerman, Amanda Zuckerman and Spencer Clawson have all come under fire for making, insensitive remarks. It’s been confirmed that Gries and Zimmerman have lost their jobs, while some reports allege Zuckerman and Clawson have also been fired.

As the Associated Press reports, Zuckerman, who is white, complained about a black contestant for putting a headband on her greasy, "nappy-hair head." She referred to another black cast member as "the dark knight" and "the black maba." She also mocked the accent of a Korean woman and referred to "Puerto Rican showers," which sparked a debate in the house if she is racist.

"I’m just joking," said Zuckerman. "I’ve had sex with Puerto Rican guys before."

CBS officials have denounced the remarks and "Big Brother" host Julie Chen said she finds the houseguests’ statements "absolutely appalling."

Some contestants, like Gries and Zuckerman, have used anti-gay slurs and referred to Herren as a "queer."

The fired contestants do not know they have been let go from their jobs as they are cut off from the outside world until the reality show’s finale, which airs Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Herren, Clawson and Zimmerman are the final three houseguests left in the game. One of them will walk away with the $500,000 grand prize.

The Inqusitir reports that Herren may have lied about being a college professor and suggests that he was "working towards that title with the university." The site says, according to reports, he is a part-time instructor.


  • Stuart R, 2013-09-16 18:26:24

    Andy Herren is totally better off to be rid of and no longer associated with College of DuPage. He can do so much better. That’s for sure.

  • , 2013-09-17 10:12:28

    Andy is not fired. He is a part-time instructor. He didn’t take classes in summer/fall in order to be on Big Brother. If he decides to come back to COD, then he’ll get classes. If the worst thing Andy said is that he agreed withthe term biracial robots, then I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

  • , 2013-09-17 13:58:46

    ANDY has called women C words, threatening to punch women in the face constantly, he calls people neo nazi bigots for taking yoga classes, He has bashed autistic children, the list goes on, this is all on live feeds and someone is going to make a ANDY HERREN reel soon so the world can see what a nasty vile human being he is! He is truly hated and as an employer of a huge company I would never hire someone like ANDY!

  • Stuart R, 2013-09-17 14:08:18

    wow some very ignorant anonymous writers - wow, how awful ... he used the c word. End of the world. Wow. Calling him a "nasty vile human being" is far more hazardous to our world and I wonder if YOUR employer knows how vile you are?! Or is that why you are anonymous. Hmm.

  • Connie, 2013-09-19 11:57:43

    Hey Stuart, figures a guy would make lightly of the C word. That is 1 of the worst things to call a woman, and Andy is nasty and vile along with some of the others. What about the horrible things he said about Elissa’s family, mainly her kids! THERE IS NO EXCUSE

  • E-rabs1964, 2013-09-22 15:18:15

    All I can say about Andy’s appalling comments after first appearing to be one of the nicest people in the house: "The slave does not dream of freedom. The slave dreams of becoming the master." And he did - by acting as disgusting as his racist bigoted cohorts, he prevailed and won the $500K. It remains to be seen if that will have to last him a lifetime.

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