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SC Mayor Spews Anti-Gay Rhetoric in Facebook Post

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Oct 17, 2013

The mayor of West Union, S.C., a small town of about 300, is making waves this week after making controversial remarks about marriage equality in a Facebook posting, Fox Carolina reports.

Mayor Linda Oliver took to Facebook to respond to the recent decision of Buncombe County, N.C., to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and said "I don't want it rammed down my throat" and used the word "queer" in a derogatory way a number of times. The post has been deleted, however, but Towleroad has her statement:

"What's it gonna take to get these queers to realize they don't need a piece of paper," she wrote. "God will not bless their union because he plainly speaks against queers in the Bible. Want to cover your queer with insurance? Buy a policy. Want your queer to get your stuff when you die? Make a will."

Fox Carolina reports that a number of Facebook users were offended by Oliver's remarks and responded.

"She deleted her original comments because she has no backbone," one person allegedly wrote.

But Oliver is ready for the backlash and told Fox Carolina: "I have apologized, it's on there if people would just read the feed. They're focusing on the word and I apologized for that. If people would read the whole thing they'll see that I plainly said I will not say that anymore, I'll say homosexual.

"What I'm emotional about is because my feelings- the way I feel toward homosexuals is how I've been brought up," she added.

"All I can say is if people want to crucify me, that's fine. I know that following Jesus, I'm going to be crucified," Oliver said.

There is now a Facebook group called "Recall West Union S.C. Mayor Linda Oliver," which currently has 113 likes.


  • JaimeB, 2013-10-17 20:18:23

    If that’s the way she was brought up, then she was brought up as a bigot. It’s too bad her family wasn’t Christian enough to teach her the Gospel of love and acceptance. It’s much easier to judge others whom you don’t even know than to face the evil in your own soul.

  • DavidRomero, 2013-10-17 21:39:24

    I was brought up Southern Baptist and learned without a doubt that God commands blacks not to marry whites. He also specifically said women were to be subservient to men. The church left no doubt that this was commanded by God - that if it said it in the Bible that it was gospel. It’s a good thing my gut told me that prejudice men took the Bible out of context and that I ignored them - otherwise I’d be prejudice like her and backing up my prejudices with false interpretations of scripture. It sucks that people like this turn so many gays against God.

  • gdhamf, 2013-10-17 22:40:25

    If this woman only knew and understoon the horror of crucifixion she would not cheapen it this way, she is no Christian.

  • MNrainbow, 2013-10-18 00:03:52

    Funny she would say those things, considering she herself looks like a lesbian... Or as she would put it, a "queer" does she own a mirror??

  • , 2013-10-19 16:55:17

    Feel free to contact this hate monger at the information below! >> Linda Oliver phone number: 864-247-7392 Linda Oliver email: City phone number: 864-638-9978 City fax number: 864-638-6593 City email: Council Member Dan Cappelen 316 Dutchfork Road West Union, SC 29696 (864-638-5332) Council Member Wanda Harden 820 Anderson St West Union, SC 29696 (864-638-5280) Council Member Sharon Zimmerman 426 B East Main St West Union, SC 29696 (864-280-0141) Council Member Bethany Peay 135 Shroder St West Union, SC 29696 (No phone) Also, this town has 3 prominent businesses located there: Redbox, Family Dollar, Save-a-lot. Contact these businesses and post on their page and ask them how they feel about this mayor’s hateful rant and whether as a business they support this city mayor.

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