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Arizona Governor to Hold Meetings Over Rights Bill

by Bob Christie
Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer will hold a series of private meetings with opponents and proponents of legislation adding protections for people who assert their religious beliefs in refusing service to gays.

Brewer spokesman Andrew Wilder says the governor will spend Wednesday gathering information about Senate Bill 1062 as she considers signing it into law or a veto. She has until Saturday to act.

The governor returned from five days in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. The state became embroiled in a national debate over religious and gay rights in her absence.

The bill allows business owners to cite sincerely held religious beliefs to fend off discrimination lawsuits.

Some Republican senators who voted for the bill are calling for a veto. They cite "inaccurate" information about the bill as the reason.

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  • , 2014-02-26 12:16:50

    How did this pass the Senate? It is their job to research. Ignorance is no excuse. And if Gov Brewer really believes in this, money should not be an factor. Although the whole bill is prejudicial and racist.

  • MNrainbow, 2014-02-26 19:10:21

    She’s a genius if she needs a "meeting" to figure out right from wrong... This is who runs Arizona?? Brilliant! WTF is going on in that state?

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