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Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley Won’t Run for Office

by Kilian Melloy
Friday Apr 23, 2010

Former Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican lawmaker who resigned in disgrace amidst a 2006 scandal involving teenage male Congressional pages and steamy text messages, says that he has been approached to run as a candidate for Mayor in West Palm Beach. Foley also says that he's not ready to re-enter political life.

Foley told the Associated Press in an article from last Nov. 12, that he was "trying to find my way back." More recently, Foley told Politico in an April 23 article that, "With my radio show and opening up a business, everyone's speculating that it's a way to come back into politics. It's really just what I did before I went into politics--I was an entrepreneur."

However, Foley said, a run this year is "highly unlikely."

A Palm Beach Post article quoted Foley as saying that, "I keep hearing the buzz." However, "there's no plan in place" regarding a mayoral run. Even without his name on the ballot, though, Foley said that the next election would bring significant change to the city's politics: "It's going to be a fresh council no matter what happens," Foley opined. "The dynamics in West Palm Beach are going to change."

Foley was never charged in the scandal. He resigned on Sept. 29, 2006, after news broke of sexually explicit text messages between Foley and teen male Congressional pages. However, Foley said that no improper sexual contact had actually taken place, and no evidence to the contrary surfaced. An Oct. 3, 200-6 CNN story said that according to Foley's attorney, the former Congressman was gay, and that he had been the victim of sexual assault by a clergyman.

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