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D.C. College’s Diversity Chief Hires Lawyer After Being Suspended for Signing Anti-Gay Petition

by Ben Nuckols
Monday Oct 15, 2012

WASHINGTON - An administrator at Gallaudet University in Washington who was placed on leave for signing an anti-gay marriage petition has hired an attorney and will address the media next week.

The lawyer for Angela McCaskill says she is "not anti-gay." Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon says McCaskill will speak in greater detail about her actions at a news conference Tuesday in Annapolis, Md.

Gallaudet is the nation's leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing. McCaskill, who lives in Maryland, is the chief diversity officer at the school. She was placed on leave this week. Gordon says he is exploring legal options to get her reinstated.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and other gay marriage supporters have criticized the move, saying McCaskill should not be punished for exercising her First Amendment rights.

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  • Oh Jed said:, 2012-10-15 10:09:08

    I hope they made this twat sign an "At Will" form as a condition of employment. This has likely been brewing longer than this issue.

  • , 2012-10-15 13:36:02

    Her right to express her beliefs are protected. But, you got to wonder about the the judgement of someone hired as head of a department to promote "Diversity" who would make such a bad professional decision.

  • Bob K, 2012-10-15 14:37:26

    If your job is to represent diversity then she should have stood up and walked out when that preacher preached the hate

  • gdhamf, 2012-10-15 19:51:22

    most States are automatically "at will" unless contracted differently. as far as the issue at hand goes it is still a major conflict of interests and she should be in another department.

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