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Kristine W Rules the Remix :: Part Deux

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

In this overly saturated world of dance pop there are still a handful of artists that can generate excitement with each and every new release they unleash on the club circuit. Last season dance diva Kristine W took an unprecedented look at her two decades of music and released a 'greatest hits' package befitting of her success in clubland. "New & Number Ones" examined KW's profound contribution to the beats per minute that made club revelers sweat out their souls every Saturday night.

Dedicated to delivering on those rhythms, Kristine W's collaborations and productions with Rob D. and Rollo distinctively capitalized on her jazzed up vocals, and guaranteed her hit after hit. Her signature track "Feel What You Want" will always be one of her most profound and timeless songs. Her deeply prophetic lyrics as examined on those classic tracks speak volumes beyond the bass drives they inspire.

That Kristine W attempted to outdo herself is mind boggling, but the artist who will always be driven by her gay fan base did just that when she revisited her catalog with "New & Number Ones." Then she took it two steps further. Not satisfied with just the one 'greatest hits' collection, and reading into the desires of her devotees, Kristine W had the greatest remix producers go back not once, but twice.

Once is never enough...

"New & Number One (Club Mixes), Part 1" followed up her greatest hits with dance floor edits of the reinvented track list, with a couple new hits thrown in for good measure. The premiere single from the package, "Everything That I Got," teamed up KW with the UK’s hit-makers Bimbo Jones. Lee Dagger also reinvigorated the aforementioned "Feel What You Want" and made it more contemporary without losing the original’s edge. "So Close To Me," another new song on the package, was given a redo by Subgroover guaranteeing its place among Kristine W’s most magnificent anthems.

The title of that album itself hinted that another set would soon be available, but never one to repeat herself on "New & Number One (Club Mixes), Part 2" Kristine W has gone beyond the call of her duty as the reigning queen of dance floor decadence. With the season winding down, KW has shaken the desert sands off another set of tracks from her career catalog, and revamped them as summer anthems that will last well into the fall and beyond.

The supple productions on dance classics such as the unforgettable "Stand in Love" give them a new life. Rarely does a remix attempt to recapture the nostalgia of their day, but on the lush remixes of "Sometimes Like Butterflies," Kristine W has single-handedly revived the vitality of disco. Donna Summer’s spirit is nearly audible in the undercurrent background arrangements of these hits. The dangerously ruff reworking of "Everything That I Got" by Offer Nissim is one of the compilation’s most daring productions. After hours clubs across the country will be shaking the tiles off their walls with this mix.

Clubland Icons

Dedicated to taking dance music to new levels, Kristine W endeavored with her "New & Number Ones" project to not only remain singularly relevant in dance music, but also prove her style still dominates even in today’s EDM market. Electronic wizardry is irrelevant without the skill and passion to back it up. KW aligned herself with some of today’s most powerful names, each a legend all of his own. Tony Moran’s "So Close to Me" Destination Mixshow remix (available as a bonus track on the downloadable package) is without doubt one of the best tracks of Moran’s career.

Reuniting with the iconic Junior Vasquez on two tracks for this second package, Kristine W got the legendary producer to faithfully revisit "Sweet Mercy Me." The final product resonates beautifully while paying homage to 90’s house music. On Junior’s remix of "Clubland," horns come alive and along with Kristine W’s vocal arrangement the cries of clubland can be heard from sea to shining sea! This is an anthem unlike any this summer.

Whether Kristine W is finished revisiting and re-inventing her catalog is anyone’s guess. Certainly now that all of her greatest tracks have been given a lift, they’ll stand another two decades more. But who knows. Though she has promised a full-length album of all original work soon, "Part 3" could be only a summer away. They do say that the third time is the charm.

Till then check out Kristine W’s "New & Number Ones (Club Mixes), Part 2" available now. Visit to keep on top of upcoming releases and tour dates. KW is coming to a city near you.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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