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Mr. New York 2013 :: Ivan is on Top!

by JC Alvarez
Thursday Mar 7, 2013

Oh the rites of spring! Surely everyone is waiting with bated anticipation for the vernal equinox to arrive and the Circuit scene's most hungrily sought after ticket of the season, the Saint at Large Black Party in New York City. The annual event remains one of the most well attended parties on the calendar and is regarded by its revelers the event that marks the beginning of the spring season. Like hulking gay men need a reason to dress up scantily in leather and parade their privates.

As big a draw as the main event itself is the Black Party Expo and part of the pre-party experience is the growing more popular by the year, is the Friday night awards gala, the International Hookies at the Roseland Ballroom. Although many attend the award show to sneak a peek at the dressing and decorations inside the hallowed space, the Hookies sponsored by celebrate some of the adult industry's hottest talent and they crown the most celebrated escort of the year.

Last year Jesse Santana walked away (arguably) with the top honor of "Mr. International Escort of 2012". This year he'll pass that title to an entire cadre of contenders, but none may be more worthy or surprisingly humble as New York City's Puerto Rican stud Ivan. "There must be repercussions to having this sort of publicity," the New York based contestant admits. "So I really can't imagine what to expect."

Top Contender

Of course Ivan may be in for a bump in his numbers as he heads towards the winner’s circle. EDGE caught up with the Latin Dream as he prepares for the big event.

EDGE: "What do you think has made you stand out from the current competition?"

IVAN: "I looked at the other contestants and there are a whole bunch of them that are extremely attractive and nice people. We’re all nice people. Only those that voted for me might know what set me part, but maybe they’re just pleased by what they saw in my profile."

EDGE: "Aside from describing yourself as sweet, confident and funny on your happen to be very sexy. Have any of your clients found themselves to be intimidated by how handsome you are?"

IVAN: "I don’t think I run into this kind of situation with clients...but more just on a regular basis dating or when I’m trying to meet someone."

EDGE: "Do you feel that you are an exceptional performer in the bedroom?"

IVAN: "I would never use those words (laughs) but I’m confident in my performance - I don’t walk around thinking I’m the best fuck ever."

EDGE: "Do you think it helps that you’re Latino?"

IVAN: (Laughs) "I think that being Latino, being Puerto Rican, has a lot to do with the way I look, but going beyond the physical - I’m confident of the person that I am and the personality that I have. I’m proud of the person that I am. I’m very respectful and aware of people’s feelings. I try my best."

EDGE: "Have you, or do you ever find yourself in the position of having to actually instruct or teach your client on how to perform in the bedroom?"

IVAN: "I think I’ve run into people that have not been so experienced, I have found myself in the role of a mentor - but not just sexually. I have had those that have told me I’m the first. You try to make them feel as comfortable enough that they will enjoy the experience that they are after."

EDGE: "Most cultures outside of the United States are a lot more liberal about sex. Why do you think sex is still so taboo in the States? Do you think people’s attitudes about sex are changing?"

IVAN: "In general - yes, but I’m aware that there are still a lot of judgmental people out there. For some of us that have made sex something profitable, some people look at that as something that’s dirtier, than meeting some for casual sex on Grindr or Adam For Adam - but I don’t think people are all that shocked about sex anymore."

EDGE: "What do you think of apps like Grindr and Scruff? Have they affected your business?"

IVAN: "I think they’re great. It’s like window shopping, but people who go to my profile pretty much know what they want...what they are getting. It has changed the dynamic of how people meet each other."

Man with a plan...

EDGE: "Is escorting for you a means to an end? What are some of your other life’s ambitions?"

IVAN: "I’m currently enrolled in school. For some years I was pretty undecided about what I wanted to do, but now I know that I’ll have a full career. This whole escorting thing is a moment in my life."

EDGE: "Do you think that one day you will write about the experience of having been an escort?"

IVAN: "I never really think about everything that I have done. When I go back home (to Puerto Rico), where the lifestyle is not so hectic, everyone thinks my life is so crazy - but interesting. I might have some stories that some people might find amusing...who knows! Maybe one day I’ll talk about it."

EDGE: "You’re going to participate in the upcoming HOOKIES - going up against the international contenders. Are you looking forward to the event? If you win will it raise your rates? Do you want to win?"

IVAN: "Y’know, there are those [competitors] putting their heart into it, and I appreciate everyone that’s voted for me...but I wasn’t expecting it. I never thought this would happen. It could be very exciting...but it could be a bit intimidating. There are so many other good looking guys - If it happens...I will go with the flow."

Want to check out the other contestants before placing your final bets? Goto and look who’s in the running to walk away with the coveted title of’s International Escort. The Hookies hosted by Sharon Needles will be taking place on Friday, March 22 as part of the Saint at Large Black Party Expo. Get your tickets now.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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