Drag Race’s Courtney Act...Tough to Follow

by JC Alvarez
Monday Apr 7, 2014

Everyone greatly anticipates (perhaps) the most eagerly awaited episode of every new season of "RuPaul’s Drag Race." No one would dare miss the "Snatch Game" episode where the competing season’s cast of queens must come up with their own celebrity impersonation to appear on the send-off of the classic TV game show hosted by RuPaul himself. On the eve of the airing of this cycle’s "Snatch Game," "Drag Race" Season 6’s standout starlet Courtney Act took a minute to acquaint the uninitiated with her skyrocketing stardom to headlining moves!

With the final remnants of winter still clinging desperately in the mighty canyons of Manhattan, Courtney Act wasn’t prepared for the still bitter temperatures that were trickling into the first days of spring when she arrived in New York to appear on her current live tour. "We went out...without a plan," Act admitted during our phone interview as she was seeking shelter from the cold beneath her the warm bed comforter. "I’m under a blanket on the bed, and now I’m toasting up." The image alone is sure to send most of her admirers into a tailspin, to which she coyly added: "I can only hope."

No stranger to the tele-event reality competition format, Courtney Act is the alter ego of performer Shane Janek, a pop-vocalist from Sydney. Janek as "Courtney Act" cut his teeth appearing in 2001 on "Australian Idol" the down under version of our hit music talent show that bolstered the profile of one Jennifer Lopez while sinking the ship of another developing diva, Nicki Minaj. While many insist that this cycle of queens is proving the most formidably assembled talent that the show has ever had, Courtney Act is relishing in the spirit of the competition, and enjoying every minute of her turn on "Drag Race."

The Los Angeles Lass takes NYC

At the recent premiere event held in New York City to celebrate the season’s launch, none of the ladies was more difficult to engage than the glamorously coifed Courtney Act, who effortlessly looked every bit of a Hollywood "hot list"! As a performer on the scene in Los Angeles, Courtney Act already came to the competition with a popular fan base. "I went though the whole ’fame thing’ back in 2001 with "Australian Idol," she said. "Dealing with people knowing who I was and seemingly like there were no longer any more strangers left in the world was one of the most challenging things about the whole experience."

Though with "Drag Race" there comes an entirely new layer of popularity and mainstream crossover appeal isn’t always guaranteed. But, for Act the thrill of the experience is not lost on her. "The interesting thing about it is that I actually am finding it pleasant this time around," Act is referring to a loss of anonymity that comes with appearing on national television. "It’s fun and people are so supportive. They’re enjoying the show...and they’re enjoying me - It’s lovely to be recognized for what you do best."

Every year when a new cycle of personalities are brought together to compete on the hit Logo TV show, audiences are always left wondering to what length RuPaul is going to find such unique and varied characters. With the club scene seemingly overflowing with up-and-comers vying for night-crawlers’ attentions, appearing as a contestant on the show is quickly becoming every queen’s holy grail. "It’s like so many things in life - you can imagine what it’s going to be like," Act says about being chosen this year to compete, " and then it takes on a whole different meaning when you experience it." And she insists: "Already it’s been so much fun."

Story continues on next page, but in the meantime check out Courtney Act’s latest video for the single "To Russia With Love."


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