WPPS :: The DJs Bring All the Boys to the Yard (Part 3)

by BeBe Sweetbriar
Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

Over the years the growth of White Party Palm Springs has definitely been heightened by the most ambitious and mind blowing audiovisuals, cutting edge design and spectacular decor transformations of party venues, and the most elaborate and innovative stage productions with spellbinding performances. But, it has consistently been the music that "brings all the boys to the yard."

In "Part 3" of our very own BeBe Sweetbriar’s look at this year’s DJ line-up for the 25th Anniversary event, BeBe chats it up with some of the party’s biggest names headlining the weekend’s most exciting venues. If you haven’t locked in your tickets yet for what will be the most extraordinary Circuit Party of the Season, may we suggest you do so now -┬ábecause 25 is alive and the White Party is kicking off the spring like no other music festival this year!

BeBe spoke with 8 of White Party’s DJs to get a feel of their excitement in playing this world renown event, and a hint of what we can expect on the dance floor come White Party Palm Springs weekend.

This is Part 3 in a series of DJ profiles exclusively gathered for EDGE On The Net.


A two-time Grammy nominated remixer/producer/singer-songwriter and DJ known for remixing the most popular artists, Tony Moran began his career back in 1981, when he and friend, Albert Cabrera, teamed up. Together they were "The Latin Rascals," whose re-edited versions of hit songs spliced together enjoyed major air-play on New York dance radio WKTU’s popular mix show.

Shortly thereafter, they were contracted by another studio, Fever Records, to write and produce a song for one of their new acts, The Cover Girls. The result was "Show Me," a song that not only became Tony Moran’s first Top 40 gold record, but also helped to usher in the freestyle era of music. Tony Moran credits his freestyle background for the pop sensibility he incorporates into his music, today. He eschews the strict underground house mentality preferred by many of his contemporaries and instead prefers to impart his remixes and productions with a hook-laden commercial appeal that is both radio-friendly and dance floor-ready.

Tony measures a successful dance floor with the number of hands in the air, and the number of people dancing and singing along. Moran currently is considered one of the most well-known DJs in the house/electronic music genre, playing to massive crowds at events throughout the world. He continues to produce music and has produced some major hits played in dance clubs.

BeBe: Fast forward to the end of your DJ set at WPPS, how do want White Party goers to describe their experience partying to your set?

Tony Moran: That it was unique and a perfect way to build up an incredible weekend.

BeBe: What mix do you always go to, as of late, to get a circuit party going?

Tony Moran: I normally create my own customized track that gets the fuse lit rather than a particular song that is current. You will definitely get along with other stimulating tracks to make the night memorable.

BeBe: If there was a song title created to best describe the vibe of the music you spin and/or produce, what would that song title be!?

Tony Moran: "I’ll Never Stop Dancing"

BeBe: What is your next big gig following WPPS?

Tony Moran: It is pretty busy. I will have just recently have returned from Songkran in Bangkok, FIESTA in San Antonio, BPM in New York and of course back to LA for Momentum and Prides in NYC, Toronto and San Francisco. (


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