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Matinée’s PRIDE :: Bigger, Faster & Stronger!

by JC Alvarez
Thursday Jun 27, 2013

What's the genetic make-up of a great party? If there are any party promoters on the scene that get right into the DNA code of putting on a spectacular event, it's got to be the hot men and minds behind Matinée NYC. Reclaiming their dominance over PRIDE Season with a return to the coveted Governors Island Beach Club on Saturday, June 29th you can anticipate not only incredible views of New York City in the background as the sun sets, but an unparalleled expertise with a production set to be the envy of every event this weekend.

Temperatures will rise, and shirts will come off - Matinée is taking its party to a whole new level of decadence and Euro-glam! Matinée NYC event originators Jake Resnicow and Patrick Crough chatted exclusively with EDGE to bring us up to speed on how fast and furious the party will be this Saturday.

With so many options this weekend and so much to celebrate, you can imagine that the engineers of some of the biggest music festivals in North America are looking forward to showcasing some of the flair they've picked up from their Spanish Matinée cousins.

Unlike Anything

EDGE: There’s a certain expectation from a Matinée event. What do you have in store for your incredibly dedicated following of party-goers?

MATINÉE NYC: We’ve added on a second stage this year to make the experience all around better. It features some of the hottest local DJs and up-and-coming artists. This in addition to everything we already do. It should really give the crowd a great well-rounded experience.

EDGE: You’re returning to Governors Island for your big PRIDE event. Why is PRIDE still such an important party on Matinée’s annual calendar?

MATINÉE NYC: There is a certain nostalgia attached with doing the event here in New York for PRIDE, not to mention the island itself. It really is something special.

EDGE: How does it compare to the series of music festivals that you have going on throughout the year and across the country?

MATINÉE NYC: PRIDE is the one chance we get to return to "where it all began".

Last year’s event on Governors Island was one of the biggest - and most well-attended events of the season. It bolstered a water-park theme with slides and everything, but most of the crowd was fixated on the dance floor.

EDGE: The DJ line-up is becoming the most important things about any circuit party or music festival. What were the elements that went into finalizing your DJs for PRIDE? How do you go about deciding who gets to play which Matinée party?

MATINÉE NYC: We discuss amongst ourselves who will bring in different niche sounds. We like to offer something for everyone’s taste, yet stay on point with the Matinée sound.

This year that signature Matinée sound will include headlining turns from one of Matinée Spain’s All-Stars, Lydia Sanz and the legendary Jonathan Peters. Segueing in for a beat or two will be local favorite Honey Dijon and from Berlin Tom Peters.

Raising The Bar

EDGE: What did you learn from last year’s party that you will not be repeated this year?

MATINÉE NYC: There are always lessons to be learned - especially when taking on such a huge venue like Governors Island. It is a task hosting such a large event, but as the years have gone on, we’ve learned how to work out the kinks and make this our home for NYC PRIDE.

EDGE: It seems like this is the most competitive year ever for big PRIDE events. Why do you think promoters have ramped up the offerings, not just in NYC, but around the country?

MATINÉE NYC: People are seeing the changes that are happening on the music scene in the straight and gay communities. Along with the surge in EDM has come this surge in music festivals - it’s the new thing and people in the industry realize that.
Continuing to expand on their empire, Matinée NYC this year boasted one of its biggest audiences with its Las Vegas music festival - turning "Sin City" into "Spin City".

EDGE: How has the Matinée brand changed over this last year? Your Las Vegas event is continuing to thrive and is really changing the scope of the party scene in Vegas.

MATINÉE NYC: Vegas has been the true game changer for all of us. We took a chance the first year, and now it’s become one of the most talked about gay events on the yearly calendar. It’s been amazing seeing it grow with such success and watching how our other events closely follow suit. 

With 30 dancers, more than a dozen DJs, New York City’s #1 outdoor venue, and a 10-minute ferry ride that takes you away from it all - onto an Island of Matinée NYC’s own design, PRIDE 2013 has never looked this good.

Tickets are still available. Go to: and grab yours now. Special VIP packages get you whisked into the party faster and into the elevated dance areas. All ticket purchases include ferry access to and from Governors Island.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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