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Halloween Costumes, From Snooki to Mad Men

by Sheri Elfman
Friday Oct 22, 2010

There are many directions you can go when deciding on a Halloween costume. What Lindsay Lohan's character Cady famously stated in the movie "Mean Girls" is true, you can wear something scandalous this holiday and its okay - it's Halloween.

Here are a few costume ideas - some sexy, some scary, some glamorous and some borrowed from our favorite pop culture icons.

Mad Men

Wear a sleek suit, carry around some gin, smoke a cigarette and slap people on the butt as a greeting and you are instantly a character on "Mad Men!"


Fans of Showtime's hit "Dexter" know how easy it is to mimic the main character. All you need is a tight earth-colored Henley shirt, khakis, a package of saran wrap and a fake chainsaw and you are now Dexter!

The Situation

If you don't have abs of steel, you can still be everyone's favorite "Jersey Shore" guy! Halloween costume stores sell fake six-pack abs. Another option is to get some airbrushed on. Don't forget - GTL, baby!


The queen of "Jersey Shore," Snooki is a mess and we love it! All you need is a long dark wig with a pouf, an airbrush tan, a tight dress, fake breasts, frosted lipstick and smokey eye makeup to become little Snooki. A muscled guy with overstyled hair is also a great Snooki accessory.

The queen of "Jersey Shore," Snooki is a mess and we love it! All you need is a long dark wig with a pouf, an airbrush tan.

The Kardashians

Get a group of friends together, buy some long dark wigs, fake butts and wave around your blackberry phones and duke it out over who gets to be Kim!

Man In Uniform

Live your fantasy and dress up as a sexy cop, a Marine or a mailman. These costumes never go out of style and always attract attention!

Flight Attendant

This costume also requires a uniform. If you want to go the extra mile, don't just be a flight attendant - be disgruntled Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater! Don't forget your cans of beer!

The Old Spice Guy

From the best commercial out there, all you need is tight abs and a towel around your waist to be the famous Old Spice guy.


Completely trendy right now, you can be a "True Blood" vampire, a "Twilight" vampire, a character from the "Vampire Diaries" or a just an old-fashioned scary, fang-wearing vampire. Edward from "Twilight" would get you the most attention - all you need is messy hair and a torso covered in body glitter.

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