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Tomboy Tailors Creates the Perfect Fit

Thursday Jul 4, 2013

Women (and men) looking for the perfect suit have a new option in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District. Tomboy Tailors - a new boutique clothier specializing in bespoke clothing, has opened its doors.

Tomboy Tailors caters to women and trans-masculine individuals who seek stylish, masculine attire that is constructed and altered to suit personal preference. The company also welcomes men and welcomes women seeking made-to-measure women's business suits.

Based on her personal experience, Zel Anders, founder and owner of Tomboy Tailors, believes there is a growing market for such clothing. "As a tall masculine-off-center lesbian I have always had a hard time finding my way in clothing," says Anders. "We who favor a balance of masculine and feminine styles need a clothier who can specifically tailor a suit to meet our unique needs and physique."

Anders (a.k.a. Leslie Lewis) loves wearing men's style clothing. Anders struggled for decades with little satisfaction to find a clothier who could tailor suits to meet her needs. Most women's clothing made her feel that she looked like a "drag queen," but the 48- year-old woman has always had a difficult time finding appropriate suits, she said.

Targeting a Niche Market

Off-the-rack men’s suits seldom could be tailored to suit her and Anders found few suppliers of men’s clothing that had the unique skills to fit men’s clothing to her physique. The experience at traditional men’s stores - from customer service to fitting her 5’11" frame - often resulted in a product that was less than desirable. The frustration eventually escalated to the point where she built up a defense each time she went shopping for clothes.

Anders knew there were other women like her who wanted to wear more masculine styled clothes that truly fit their personal frame and who wanted to feel good about their shopping experience. There was a need for a clothier to offer the unique services Tomboy Tailors provides, from casual suits and tuxedos to professionally made-to-measure women’s suits for lawyers and other executives.

"I just believe there are a lot of people like me not happy about being limited in what they wear," says Anders, an award-winning entrepreneur at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, about launching Tomboy Tailors to meet this niche market’s fashion needs.

Tomboy Tailors will offer several hundred high quality Italian and Scottish fabrics to choose from to create one-of-a-kind suits produced by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the U.S. and Italy.

The store also offers cufflinks, ties, bow ties, ascots, pocket squares, smoking jackets, sweaters, hats and men’s shoes in sizes and styles not generally available.

The Details:
Tomboy Tailors
50 Post Street?
Level One, Crocker Galleria, #11
?San Francisco, CA 94104


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