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by Sheri Elfman
Saturday Jun 8, 2013

Trends come and go, so you never want to invest too fully in each year's seasonal fads. My advice? Pick a fabulous trendy item, and add it to your collection of classic pieces each season. Here is a preview of what's going to be hot this summer season.


It's not just for bears anymore - camo print has been a huge hit on the runways. Designers like Commes des Garcons, DKNY, Dries Van Notten, Perry Ellis, Phillip Lim and Valentino all featured the earth tone pattern typically favored by hunters in their shows. This means, it will soon be in a department store near you.

Safari Look

Camo wasn't earthy enough for you? How about some nice khaki safari clothes? Balmain, Diesel and Kenzo all featured the tan and brown safari-inspired look. How can you adapt it to your daily look? Try multi-pocketed shorts, khaki anything or some worn leather boots.


Those who aren't into olive green or khaki need not worry-bright pops of color remain trendy this season. Those who cringe at brightness can sport their color in pastel shades. Sun-faded cotton in colorful tones also remains on trend. No matter what gradient of color you're into-the message remains-color is hot.

All-American Classics

The preppy, perfectly fitted All-American look was also featured heavily on the runway. Think white t-shirts, faded denim, Rugby-stripes and madras shorts (not all at once, of course).

Playful Prints

Shirts and ties with whimsical prints (think anchors or tiny cars) will be very stylish this summer. Attention-getting and fun, a printed item will add some boldness to your wardrobe.

Casual footwear

Boat shoes, deck shoes, canvas lace ups and espadrilles-these casual styles are big this season. Add a pair of any listed above for a cool, casual and comfy vibe.


The '80s will not go away. Perhaps The Carrie Diaries on CW and the various remakes of movies from that decade are to blame. Whatever the case may be-1980s inspiration remains fashionable this season. This can be seen in the white running shoes that were shown on the runway and the brightly colored accessories.

Round Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an especially important fashion trend here in Florida and the ones you will want to get will have a round shape and a 1980s feel.

Leather Bracelets

The majority of my friends have been accessorizing with leather bracelets for years. Now, people will think they are ahead of the curve since leather bracelets are going to be very popular this summer. Armani and Louis Vuitton are two designers who have featured this look that has been popular in your gayborhood for years.

Large Bags

This trend makes me deliriously happy, since I am a woman and I have spent much of my adult life lugging around a handbag. You guys get away with the comfy footwear, but now it's time for you to join your lady friends by carrying around a large man bag (insert evil girl cackle here). Choose a trend or two and work it hard this summer. Of course feel free to wear them all at once, you fashionista, you.,

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