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Kai-aakmann Gently Gender Bends a New Style

by Matthew Wexler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Oct 14, 2013

Fashion weeks for spring and summer 2014 have wrapped up in New York City and Paris with the usual couture spectacle hitting the runways. But for the stylish man or woman looking for a fresh, urban look, set your gaze no further than the latest creations of Soonjin Park for the Korean brand Kai-aakmann.

"Nature was a huge inspiration on my work this season! Especially, the colors and 'easy to wear' feel brought on by the change from winter to spring," says Park.

"I wanted the SS14 collection to have a lot of loose fitting looks that pair perfectly with men/women's favorite staple pieces. Although I have a love for a dark color palette, I've added pops of vibrant color to add depth for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection." Dark blacks and blues provide contrast to the SS14 collection's strong neon and earthy base tones.

Creating New Silhouettes

In addition to strong color palettes, Kai-aakmann is known for its deconstruction of traditional menswear and womenswear and exploring those themes in ready-to-wear.

"Growing up in Seoul, Korea, I would try on my father’s clothes and experiment with other shapes to see what kinds of silhouettes I could create," says Park. "I grew up free from any dressing conventions. This led me to push boundaries and experiment."

"My collections invariably include sharply tailored, avant-garde pieces in cool neutral colors that can be swapped between men and women. For instance, a classic biker jacket looks sharp and tailored on a man and stylishly boxy and modern on a woman."

As the collection continues to forge new ground for the Kai-aakmann customer, Park walks a fine, stating. "This season we are definitely pushing boundaries while remaining accessible to our consumers. For men, we’ve given a modern twist to traditional silhouettes. Intricate detailing like "fabric on fabric" can be seen on our tops as well as the mix of textiles on the pants.

Redefining Workwear

The brand is draws influence from workwear, which is also gaining steam across boutique lifestyle brands such as Hudson Made to major labels such as Levi’s. "Workwear is timeless. Key pieces in this collection have a classic utilitarian look and feel but are created with non-traditional fabrics to give it an edgier look," says Park.

What’s in store for next fall and winter? You’ll have to sit tight, but Park offers this hint:

"Kai-aakmann is a brand that speaks to an intelligent, curious, and contemporary customer. For AW14-15 we remain true to clean and minimalist while adding the sensibility of genderless pieces to the collection. Impeccably placed details will give the collection a unique and trendy look. Be prepared to be amazed!"

Discover the latest collection at the following retailers:
Satine, Los Angeles, CA
Acrimony, San Francisco, CA
Raised By Wolves, Brooklyn, NY
Albertine, New York, NY
OAK, New York, NY
Communion, Portland, OR
Redeem, Washington DC

Matthew Wexler is EDGE's National Style and Travel Editor. More of his writing can be found at Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @wexlerwrites.


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