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Okla. Restaurateur Faces Social Media Backlash for Anti-Gay, Racist Remarks

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Feb 10, 2014

Enid Oklahoma; sounds like a drag name, no? Yet this small city of less than 50,000 inhabitants has found itself in the spotlight thanks to the racist and anti-gay rhetoric of a local restauranteur, the British newspaper The Mirror reports.

"I really don't want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything," Gary James, who has run local Enid eatery Gary's Chicaros for the past 44 years, told local news channel KFOR-TV. James further said "I think I can spot a freak or a faggot."

James' bigotry was brought to light when Matt Gard, a local disabled man and former regular at Gary's Chicaros was kicked out of the restaurant and cried foul.

Complex reports James does not limit his discrimination to the LGBT community and the disabled. A t-shirt advertising his restaurant includes numerous anti-women and racist slogans and proudly uses the "n-word" and includes threats against Muslims and Democrats. The logo on the shirt carries the slogan "where the great whites gather."

Past complaints against the restaurant have included incidents where blacks and hispanics were denied service. The Mirror reports that James told the local newspaper Enid News and Eagle: "If a racist is someone who doesn't like unproductive trash, then it's true. I'm talking about white, black, brown or yellow. I don't like unproductive people."

The Mirror also notes that James' bigotry may have backfired on him, however, spurring angry protests on the restaurant's Facebook page and other social media outlets. Since the story broke a few days ago, the restaurant's Yelp page has been the site of some very comical and creative posts

"Drag Queen Karaoke Friday"s are not to be missed!!! Gary does the best Cher!!!"

"Food is great! Nice to be in a white community! Love the Glory Hole in the bathroom"

"Gary's rimjobs are of the finest caliber!  The man is like the Michael Jordan of eating a** - his tongue is the ball, the net is my butt, and he keeps on dunking!  I have never had such an enthusiastic and satisfying rimjob in my life, so when it comes to french kissing my fart hole, Gary gets the full five stars!"?

"i drove all the way from Kansas City down to the Chicaro Club because I heard that any Muslim atheist bisexual faggot could get in free at the door. (I HATE paying for entry fees!) So me and my girls roll up to this place and there is a line of drag queens OUT THE DOOR, and when we finally get up to the doorway (after two hours of waiting) the doorman says it's now $5!! Well we got right back in the car and headed home. I wish I could say what the place was like on the inside but it was too crowded with transsexual heroin addicts and black prostitutes to see past the doorway. Oh well, maybe next time. "

James is running for election to Enid City Council this week.


  • , 2014-02-10 17:46:05

    When he ran for city counsel before, it was said he had a good chance of winning but he didn’t. Now he’s running again and again *"he has a good chance winning" (*from another article). Back in 2009, when he was for city counsel, he let his biggoted views be made known. Apparently he likes to rant when he’s running for office. In one article from 2009, he said anyone who wears a hat indoors is gay. Is he that naitive? "If a racist is someone who doesn’t like unproductive trash, then it’s true. I’m talking about white, black, brown or yellow. I don’t like unproductive people." He doesn’t know what a racist is? And this nut is running for city counsel? How would he know who was Democrat and who was on welfare? Do they wear banners across their chests? It’s clear that Mr. James has limited exposure to the rest of the world.

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